Finally, selepas 2 hari menghadap html codes akhirnya last night siap gak everything. Alhamdulillah =) Thanks to all who's been helping. Solihin aka Comot for the html editting and everything, McD for the profile photo (len kali takyah amek bebanyak. penat posing =p) and my lil sis kiki yang bersusah payah mengorek blogskins for the skin. I really appreciate your helps.

Tapi biasa la kan. Mane ade benda yang boleh perfect mengikut citarasa semua orang. Yang komen pun banyak gak. Oh well, I don't mind you people commenting, but please DO NOT SPAM MY YM WITH IT. There's a comment box down at the right side of the post, use it plix plox. It was hard for me to go to sleep late last night coz there are bing this and bong that coming from the speaker.

To those yang rasa skin saya tak cukup lawa, oh well, why don't korang gi gali blogskins itu untuk saya lak. Coz I honestly think Kiki is going to drive herself nuts if i ask her one more time about a purple and white skin. So why don't you do us a favor and find a new one for me? And help edit the html too. And oh yeah, I want a purple and white one plix.

To those yang rasa lagu kat blog tu bising. Err.. actually I want to put an imeem player so that sape yang tanak dengar tu can just pause it or stop it or whatever (when I view a profile or a blog with imeem player, I always pause it :D). But imeem player punya saiz sgt besa that it couldn't fit it into my sidebox. But I need a media box coz once in a while there's a song I really want you people to listen to, just so you'd understand the story better. I'm never that good at putting my feelings into words so sometimes i just need to borrow other people's words (err.. tp lagu material girl tu takde kena mengena langsung :p). So anyway, until I found a media player that's small enough other than free media, you just have to make do with muting your speaker.

People, I try to be more open in this blog than the previous one, but if you won't cooperate I'll just have to open this only to invited readers. So, behave plix =p

Ok, tutup crite blog. Malam tadi after buka puasa, saya lepak hostel sementara tunggu junoritas habis meeting. Kitorang plan nak lepak CanMore. Tetapi sesampai di hostel, saya dapat tau semua orang keluar makan di luar dengan uhm.. companion masing-masing. Arghh~ terasa loser kejap sebab kena buka sorang2. Kejap je la tapi. Besides, it's not like takde orang nak buka dengan saya. Cuma busy je, kan? Plus, it's not like kalau makan sorang tak kenyang, kan? Cuma kurang selera la :p

Disebabkan saya masih tak tau tahap keselamatan blog ni, maka tak boleh nak cerita hal kat CanMore. Cukup la kalau kata saya memang tak boleh blah dengan 2 orang itu. Tapi, takpe. Abaikan. Yang penting keluar dengan McD bes gilerr sebab boleh posing sampai penat. Hee~ Tapi sampai sekarang masih tak boleh terima kalau orang kata saya dan McD serupa. Sebab saya rasa langsung tak sama. McD terlalu cool kalau nak dibandingkan dengan saya. Hands down. Saya siryes.

Ini gambar dari malam tadi. Bibir sangat kering =(

Saya nampak bahagia kan? =)

Anyway, congrats MaHzDiLuZ on going to round 4 pvp tournament pagi tadi. It's ok. You were silenced. Memang takleh nak buat ape. And congrats too SR for the fabulous performance on Goddard Castle's siege today. We are as always, the best clan on server*wink*

Greetings to All

Greetings to All


My first post. Here. So greetings to all readers =).

This blog is still currently under construction and as all of u can clearly see, I still don't have a comment box. Engineer html saya ada meeting today, so dia akan balik bekerja tonight. So, let's wait patiently k?

Anyway, let's give u all a brief introduction of myself.

Saya ialah seorang full-time mechanical design engineering student at DYTC. I speak a little bit of Korean and is learning Japanese yang susah gile sebab that lecturer sentiasa beranggapan yang kami tahu chinese character so dia keep tulis everything in chinese, which of course we have absolutely zero idea of what it means. Saya ialah seorang pure blood Johor dan saya ialah seorang mid-winter baby (I was born in the middle of the winter, though of course Msia doesn't have one. duh~) I'm into purple, lavender, lilies, potatoes and lineage2world. So, sometimes in my writing, sy mungkin akan merapu tentang game sekejap, but be understanding, will you? And oh yeah, I'm NOT available anymore*wink*

Since it's autumn, this is a photo of us chilling at the blue house during a field trip 2 years back. Like the white house, the blue house is the house of president of South Korea.
Try find me =)