The End


Time : 2027 KST
Location : Backseat of my SE's car
Mood : a mixture of many things
Listening to : sound of heater

The day before the end of 2010.

I hereby announce that i won't be blogging anymore.
Funny that as i thought about it, turned out Lisi Harrison thinks along the same line as mine. Only that our reasons are different. She thought of stopping because no one seems to read anymore. So she'll continue after all if people tell her that they do read. Mine is quite far from that.

I never really know who are my readers. Apart from a few close companions that at certain points commented on it, i never knew the existence of others. And i stopped tracking the traffic since ages ago. About some years ago to be specific. And while i appreciate each and every one of you, i have to say that i find it hard to blog anymore. I won't say it's because i'm busy. Because it's not the reason why i would want to stop. It's just that for sometimes it has been hard to find a subject to talk about. So i don't want to bore any of you to death with some stories as lame as "pergi kedai beli gula-gula" as Chika would have put it.

I admit that everyday i mentally write something in my head about how my days goes, what i think about when i look at something, my opinions about general stuffs etc. But the moment i put it on the blog something feels just not right. And i delete everything all over again. I was thinking that maybe i still do want to write and i do love writing. Only i figured that i want to write it in a diary instead. I certainly has had my little share of spotlight and i guess it is time to withdraw. While some of you might think that turning socially reserved may be unhealthy for me, i assure you that i guess a little more quiet time with myself is what i need currently. And hey siapa kata i won't be socializing anymore. I just said i won't be blogging. You'll still see me around doing what i do when i'm around.

With this i thank each and everyone of you and i apologize for rarely acknowledging you and not getting to know you. I apologize too for any mistakes and inconveniences, with or without intention, that i caused to any of you. You can always add me on my facebook. Just please send a message and introduce yourself, for i don't approve people whom i don't know, even when they go to the same school as me.

Thank you again and i wish you all the best in your future.

With love. And lots of them.

Another Year


Its 2227 KST and i'm at Box of Wonder, listening to I Don't Care by 2NE1. I just got back from work and is ready for bed.

Tapi tiba-tiba jumpa idea untuk blogging. Kan dah kata akhir2 ni macam sangat cerewet pilih tajuk blog. Maka bila jumpa harus cepat2 tulis. Well, talk about the end of 2010. Buat pengetahuan anda resolusi untuk memiliki 32 pasang kasut tal berjaya dicapai. Majorly because i was unemployed for half of the year. Sebab lain ialah bila sudah bekerjaya memang tak ada memakai kasut lain selain sneakers. Dan tak mungkin membeli 20 pasang sneakers lah bukan?

Thing i like most about 2010 : Returning to Wonderland. I can never be more thankful for that. The anxieties, the tears, the sleepless nights. I learned the importance of being surrounded by Little Wonders. Terbang memang seronok. Tapi hidup kena berpijak atas bumi. And i am grateful for having the Little Wonders to be with me through everything and reminding me what is real.

Thing i dislike about 2010 : All the stupid ones, really. I kinda made lot of those. The things i regret and pray to not repeat in future. Things i wish i would have better judgment at when i am another year older.

All in all it has been a year of everything i guess.

Ya Allah, lancarkanlah segala urusanku di masa hadapan.

Assalamualaikum :)


I kind of having troubles thinking what to blog lately. I guess i turned picky at choosing which stories about me i would choose to tell. Anyway regarding the choice of times square for present-shopping, although i didn't have to worry about freezing muself while findinf the perfect birthday presents, i have to say that the place is too big and holds too many nice shops. Not to mention the sea of people flooding it considering it was a public holiday. Ya public holiday pada hari sabtu. And kitorang tak ada main cuti ganti. At the end i found everything i needed, met the becoming birthday girl, handed the present before we were off on our separate ways.

I wrote several words to form a sentence before deleting them off. I told you i became picky at choosing my subjects and i don't know whether or not it's a good thing. Now i don't even know what do i tell you. Guess i better get some sleep. Going to work tomorrow. Gudnight.


0852KST and i'm still in bed. Just had a weird dream that left me feeling weird all over. Ha!

Anyway i'm allowing myself to Times Square (horaaaayyyyy!) for birthday present shopping. I was thinking of going shopping indoors because it's -16 degrees outside, so.... Macam sikit jakun padahal orang mesti berasa "eleh, pegi times square je pn". Er saya ialah orang kampung suwon yang baru pernah pegi times square sekali saja. Memang harus jakun :p

Um tak tau nak cakap apa lagi. Why is everything that goes around in my head is work-related? And i kind of promised myself not to blog about work.

See you later with a bunch of shopping bags XD


Time : 1929 KST
Location :
Mood :
Listening to :

Cerita Satu
I arrived at work on Thursday with a bunch of stuff on my desk which i know immediately was put there by my SE and was to be brought to the line. And along with it was a pair of thick, warm-looking gloves. So my hands won't get cold when carrying it. Tell me how can i not be a brat when i'm used to this kind of treatment? :p

Cerita Dua

Me : What do i wear to a wedding?
Y : The white hijjab you wore the other day when you went out wih your friends.

You won't be finding the above conversation funny if you don't know me well. Just in case you don't know, let me explain. I rarely wear tudung other than black. And i only wear black to work all this while. So when last saturday i decided to wear cream-colored because i have a dinner date later on, everybody piled me up with questions and comments on how i automatically look different. Oh yah the tudung is cream-colored but my senior said it's white because guys generally don't describe colors well. My colleague, who is a guy, said my old glasses was pink when it was PURPLE. Oh anyway, it's good being me. Stick to predictable routine everyday and one day when i do minor changes, all jaws drop :D

Ok this thing is written at seven but i went out for movie so i just continued it. Went to watch Harry Potter. And while semua orang puji yhe story, i can't help wondering is it me or is the story a lot different from the book itself. The effect was cool and all but i still prefer the book, thank you. And if i were to choose which of the movies i thought is the best, i'd say the first one.

I wanted to write more but am already sleepy. So let's just see you later :)


Time : 1954 KST
Location : Alaska
Mood : =)
Listening to : my colleagues chatting

Ok i was happy they brought me ice cream but it's yogurt ice cream, now i feel like throwing up :p. Anyway i'm having dinner with my colleagues of my intake. We are celebrating the success of two weeks ago. Um.. Don't ask anymore.

Favorite quote of today : "Hello Kitty is dominating the world."
Guess who said those words. Anyway, no one you would know. Heh :p.

I never really blog about my job kan? Mekdi once asked if i could blog about my day at work, the routine i go through. I really did try writing one, but i guess it's too personal. Something i don't think of sharing with the world. Something that i want to share only with those closest to me.

Anyway i'm sleepy. But i'm forcing myself to do some reading before i sleep everyday. Else i don't know when will i finish reading all the books i bought like a month ago.

Talk to you again soon :)

Different Me


In the subway shuttling towards Sadang to catch the early bus to Suwon. It's nearly 7.30 in the morning and i'm listening to Juliet Shatkin's Ur Perfect. There are three things you should know about me.

1. I'm a mid-winter baby. I can be extremely cold towards strangers.
2. I'm not really a charming person. And when i don't like something, you'll see it written like a billboard across my face.
3. I'm a spoilt brat. Hard not to be one when you are in my place really.

Anyway, like a few weeks ago i woke up to a facebook photo comment by my eldest sister suspecting me doing a plastic surgery because i somehow look different. Duh. She's not the only one who noticed the difference, i should say. But uhm no, i didn't do a plastic surgery. Gila kah? The only explanation i can give is that maybe, just maybe, the hard work makes me look more alive. I must admit that, just like today, i like my reflection in the mirror most when i just woke up in the morning after a hectic previous day. I know the rule is that after a few hardships you'd look tired and a lot unlike human anymore, but in my case i do look more alert and alive. Oh well, after all, i am a freak.

Now i'm heading home early for i have to be in the office today. Am a bit sleepy but i told people first hand that i would be a little late today.

See you again when i see you :)

25 in 30


Ok lama x bertemu. Sebab satu : PC dah mati. Sebab dua : tak berapa ada masa. Memang tak ada masa. Betul. Tak ada tipu.

Cukup mukadimah.

I wrote a paragraph about work and deleted it. Just because blogging about how busy my work is is kinda lame.

Eh i'm turning 25 soon :D. And since i frozen my major spending, my wishlist increased substantially. Here are some of the things you can get me. That is if you want to get me something for my birthday.

1. Tali kasut converse. Because clever me threw away the laces of my jeans converse without buying a new one.
2. Piano textbook. Intermediate please. I don't have the tine to go to class anymore, fyi. So i should at least practice at home. But eh doesn't that mean i have to buy a piano? XD
3. Ugg boots. In deep red or royal purple if possible. Hah pandai demand.
4. Is it possible to get me my own LCM line's labcoat and shoes and cap?
5. Well if 4 is not possible, then the automatic bosch screwdriver please. Or maybe that would be too expensive. Ok my own sets of screwdrivers then.
6. Bluetooth headset. Sape belikan bumper siap ah.
7. This one is for Mekdi to buy - lint-free towel. For drying my hands when i have to clean my lens XD
8. Belle of the Brawl by Lisi Harrison. Seriously, me, how long have that book been on sale?
9. My own copy of starcraft 2 pretty please.

Well i guess that's about it.

Sleepy =.=~

Dear my 24-years-old self,
그 동안 고생 많이 했고 바보 같은 짓들도 많이 했다, 너. 그래도 잘 버텼고 이겨낸 거 정말 다행이다. 이 남은 30일 동안 난리 없고 문제 없이 자아~~~~~알 보내면 좋겠다 :)

Selamat malam :)



Time: 0801 KST
Location : Box of Wonder
Mood : Calm
Listening to : sound-of-my-PC

Malam tadi telah dapat tahu di-tag oleh Eliz Azima, tapi 25 macam sangat banyak untuk difikir maka terus tidur dan berpendapat akan berfikir pagi ini. So here goes.

1. I'm not a fan of chocolate. I grew out of it. Saya makan choco wafer, choco cake, choco ice-cream, choco biscuits. But not chocolate. The huge pack of Kisses and the box of Baci has been sitting in my fridge for a few months XD

2. I don't eat all cheese. The cheese I dislike most is cream cheese. Followed by Mozarella.

3. Saya takut tidur waktu hujan. Noktah. Tak ada explanation sebab memang tak berapa tahu kenapa.

4. Lately macam selalu mendengar lagu Ayat-ayat Cinta. It reminds me of Zatul Iffah T.T

5. I love all kinds of potatoes. Including sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes on pizzas are the best.

6. My favorite soup is seaweed soup. Talk about Korean food-overload.

7. I have this ONE thing I hate about Mekdi, but I'm not telling in public :D

8. My favorite author is Lisi Harrison. I try to get all her books.

9. I still think buying clothes with brand is NOT something wise if you can have better choice in the street.

10. I love winter coats. And boots. Practically winter wear. Hey, I'm a winter baby.

11.  I love having my birthday in winter. It means I can have fresh strawberry on my cake.

12. The only berries I eat is strawberry. And the only strawberry I eat is STRAWBERRY. Bukan jem stoberi atau aiskrim stoberi atau air stoberi atau coklat stoberi dan sebagainya.

13. I finish my food better in Wonderland than in Dreamland. Padahal makan kat Dreamland macam sedap gila kot.

14. Oh I CANNOT DRIVE. Must be the only person in my family that can't T.T

15.  Ya, saya tak suka membazir waktu seperti Eliz. One of the things that annoyed me is guys who walk slow padahal dia bukan on a date.

16. I have a thing on something white padahal my favorite color is purple. Tapi just because your favorite color is purple takkan la semua benda nak pakai purple kan. Macam tu takkan la I would be living the past 13 years of my life in purple.

17. My official working time is 9 hours per day, but I usually do at least almost 12 hours almost everyday. I'm a workaholic.

18. Saya suka cold sandwiches.

19. I talk a lot about food but I don't look like someone who eat a lot. Try me.

20. Ya orang suka immitate my voice. Hahahaha.

21. I am not a high-schooler anymore, so I don't think I'm a loser just because I don't have friends to flank me 24/7. 

22. I love buying other people something. Which is apparently not a good trait when I am broke. But I do usually try all I can to get the right thing for a gift.

23. I'm late for work. But isn't 'late' is considered when I come past 1 p.m?

24. Oh I love Soshi. Or Girls' Generation as you call it XD

25. I still have a birthday wishlist to post later. Lol.

Ok get going get going.


Time : 0849KST
Location : In the subway
Mood : Sleepy but happy. Heh
Listening to : Backstreet Boys' Poster Girl

In the span of two weeks I bought 2 boots, one dress, one turtleneck, three coats and three books. Material girl alert :p

Anyway to those thinking whatever happened to my dinner outfit (considering I spent like hours finding it, here's a picture.

Ouch i forgot the whole upload a picture thingy does not work on this phone. Wait I HAVE TO change song. Now i'm listening to The Corrs' All the Love in the World. Um never mind, i'll upload one later. Anyway it was navy dress over skinny and calf-high boots and 3/4 coat. I think the coat was supposed to be half but you know me.

I guess this week's is one of the most tiring socializing saturday. Talk about being at four corners of seoul in one day. I hope no one would think i am an introvert and a social loser anymore. I was being sarcastic in case you don't get it. Anyway i first went over to the alma-mater SNU for an alumni gathering. Ate ah-lot. Met a lot of 65 leftovers. Too bad we didn't have meal together afterwards. If we did it would be another hwaeshik scene XD Next i went to COEX. The plan was go to seoul wearing a thin blazer as an excuse to buy myself a fabulous coat later. But turned out i bought THREE. I am officially broke for the month. Lucky they aren't Zara. Like i would have the money ti buy THREE Zara coats. If i do i'd rather buy an electric piano. Duh. Oh and i bought two books which i now realized i left over at Mekdi's. Lol. Never mind i'll just read Diet Queen today then. After some rounds of free-for-all of SC2, at which i won only one T.T, i went over to Yonsei University where Mekdi resides.

And now i'm heading back to Suwon for self-sunday. Talk tou you again prolly next sunday :D


Hati calar.
Sekian terima kasih.

My Box of Wonder


Time : 14.31 KST
Location : Box of Wonder
Mood : neutral
Listening to : SNSD's Hoot

I told you time flies in Wonderland. A month is composed of several short weeks. And another just passed. I have nothing scheduled this weekend except the annual dinner which up to now I had forgotten will be taking place tomorrow night. In Seoul. Apart of having not thinking of how to get back to Suwon after ten o'clock, I also have not think of what I will wear. My wardrobe currently holds zero traditional clothes. And I AM NOT going to show up in full suit. Maybe I will just skip the dinner all over.

Here are some things I love about Box of Wonder :

1. The PIN number-ed lock. It means I don't have to spend times searching for the key when I am already late. This happened a lot previously because I had the knack of throwing the key everywhere. Lol. And I don't have to worry about forgetting the keys. And people who came to visit can access my house easily without having to wait for me to get home.

2. The balcony for doing laundry. Having to carry the laundry from the bathroom out to the lines is such a chore, seriously. Having one place to do everything is beyond cool.

3. The yellow-tiled kitchen wall. It means it won't look especially dirty with grease all-over after cooking. And since it's tile,  it's easier to clean.

4.  The sunlight streaming in straight to my bed. It maybe uncomfortable if you like sleeping late, but highly convenient if you love reading in bed on weekend mornings.

5. The shoe rack. Yes I have a shoe rack. My shoes are not all-over the place :D

Practically anything about it really. It's not really a huge house or anything. Just a one-room. But it's perfect for living a single life. And it currently is one of the thing I love most of my life.



Time : 7.50 p.m
Location : I don't even bother saying
Mood : Sikit annoyed at the dust yang keep interfering in my lenses' case.
Listening to : Smile Boy by Lee Seunggi and Kim Yeona

Ok dah lama tak balik awal. Balik sebab I have 2 hwaeshiks this week. See I use korean word with english grammar :D  Macam tak ada kena mengena kan hwaeshik dengan balik awal. Well, ada. Sebab bila hwaeshik akan balik lambat habis (I'm trying not to use the word gila, in case you don't notice) maka balik awal sementara boleh balik awal :p

What to say? Macam tak berapa ada. I kept coming late this week. For two days I forgot my employee card and today I purposely went late. Eh sekali teringat hari ni masuk lambat. So supposedly balik lambat. Tapi tak ingat enough 9 hours tak :D

Ok I'm having writer's block. I get back to you when I know what to say.

Another Sunday for Myself


Time : 11.35 a.m
Location : As  usual
Mood : Lazy kind of happy
Listening to : Lovable by Kim Jong Gook

Last night was a total blast. Ok I did not finish four hours at work because I had a problem with the network, but I did finish preparing the food before the guests arrived. Ok that was a lie. Kye Howe came on time and I was still struggling with everything. Dira and Diyana came a bit later. Us with Mosh had our share of the meal while watching Paranormal Activity 1. And the best part must be when the Mosh's cell rang all so suddenly during the suspense scene. All of us jumped and broke into a laugh. Mun sure knows the right time to call. The rest arrived a bit later.  I cooked the second round of the meal. Oh well, reminded me of the time when I had to cook another serving for the guests during my last open house. Vincent commented then that the food was like a buffet. It kept coming and I kept cooking another serving and another and another. Lol. Eh rindu Zatul.

Kan dah kata tak boleh berlagak. Tengok salad bowl cantik dah retak semalam. Maybe the chicken was too hot when I put it in T.T

I woke up at past nine today and lazed in bed with The Lost Symbol until 11.30 a.m.  Oh the way I got lost in a book once I started. Now it's time to do the weekly cleaning. I see you when I'm finished ok. And I think I'll cook chicken porridge for myself. For a treat on my self-sunday :)

One thing, I MAY not be able to make it for the next Malaysia vacation. I would have to do several reconfirmations. Oh the amount of appointments I've scheduled and the list of people I made to meet.

Weekend Lagi


I'm currently at Dunkin Donut Itaewon waiting for the foreign mart to be open. I hope it would at least open at 10. I so can afford to leave Itaewon any later than that. You see, i have to be in the office by 11.30 because I'm a freak and an introvert with no friends to enjoy the weekend with. Haha. Kidding :p Apparently sarcasm runs deep in our family. But nah, I'm not mad. Throw an insult my way an the most I make out of it is a joke. Ok, truth is I have to be in the office by 11.30 because my friends are coming for house-warming at 6 and I have to be at the office a minimum of four hours. So you do the maths.

Actually I don't really HAVE to be there. Just that when I respect someone, I hate to disappoint them. And I do respect my SE so mucb that when he asked if I would come today, I just decided I will. Besides it's not like I hate my job that I can't bear to be in the office on weekends. Quite the contrary, I'm actually looking forward to it. There are several other examples of me trying not ti disappoint the people I respect. Take yesterday when the SE offered me kimchi. Oh yes I ATE IT. And what about when my Korean Language teacher said he hoped I would take the zither class. I did not miss any of it till the end of the course. I can be very determined to please others when I want.

Will blog more about another matter soon. Typing on touch pad is tiring.

And eh, I go dizzy if I try to browse my phone on the bus. So I cannot do anything else except sleep. Freak much?



Time : 10.14 p.m KST
Location : Box of Wonder (where else?)
Mood : Macam sikit tingtong. Sebab lapa kot?
Listening to : Diana Page's Ride

Lapa habis. Padahal makan nasik semangkuk time lunch.  Ok admittedly dinner cuma makan egg tart. Maka tengah goreng sosej.

My eyes kept getting dry today. Many times rasa macam nak bukak je lens tersebut, tapi tak boleh mengalah. So I tried hard to shed tears to wet it. I concentrated on thinking about the saddest thing that ever happened to me, but still I could not cry. It's whether my life is wonderful enough or the thing I thought the saddest isn't exactly the saddest at all. So since I could not cry, I had to make do with blinking my way to past 8 p.m.

Oh dah lupa nak cakap apa :D

Anyway, I guess I am a freak in a way. Today I think about the one word to describe me, and the only word I can think of is 'freak'. Sebab, really, macam there is no more suitable word kot. But being a freak doesn't necessarily make me less than normal people. It just makes me different. So, um yeah, I am a freak.

Wah dah lambat. Cepat makan lalu pegi tidur :p

Early Tuesday


Time : Approximately 8.46 p.m KST
Location : Box of Wonder
Mood :  Pretty good
Listening to : 2NE1's Go Away

Ok, I'm back to trying lenses. Because my left eyes has been twitching since 3 weeks ago and I can't find a single glasses that I like, so I'm back with trying lenses. And I just succeeded wearing it like a few minutes ago, so yeah, I'm a bit jakun right now :p But I was really thinking on having Lasik. It is on my birthday wishlist along with iMac, electric piano and iPad. Um no, no one would be paying for any of those for me. I am buying one of those myself.

I was thinking once I got an iPhone I would be able to do chat during work, but I barely looked at it today. Once I got into drawing, it's hard to get me to pay attention to anything else. And as of today, both the cameras were sealed. I can just unseal it if I want, but I don't want to have to go out early in the morning just to have it re-seal back. I know I said I'll go back at 8.30p.m but I left early because if I was to go home at past 8 with the amount of clothes I wore to the office this morning, I would freeze.  

I can't wait to get into bed because cold makes me sleepy, but I also want some supper. 

See you when I see you.

Sleepy Saturday

Time : Approximately 8.40 a.m KST
Location : Box of Wonder (that's my home, in case u don't know)
Mood : I was about to write grateful/satisfied/filled-with-happiness and that sort, but I got a phone call just now and it changed into grateful+jubilant.
Listening to : Juliet Shatkin's Ur Perfect

I was having a straight OT week but decided to have an early night yesterday. So I set up a dinner date with Mekdi because she said she wanted Tom Yam. After Tom Yam, crab curry and spring rolls, we went for choco cake and coffee at the usual place. It became our usual coffee spot because I am collecting the points for free coffee there :p. After successfully fixing the tv (my superior would be proud if he knew this. padahal restart modem sajer :p), we chose to watch Legends of Girls' School : Voice. That is one of the most famous horror movie series. I watched two of them before and now another one. I just need to watch another two now. And I wonder who would want to watch them with me. Eh lupa cakap. We watched it on VOD. It's one of the free movies on the list. One of the many reasons I love Box of Wonder.

Ok I admit I wasn't having a good week. What's with the almost similar nightmare 4 days in a row, leaving me with restless nights. But come to think about it, it is only fair for me to have a little bit of not-so-good things going on. After all, I'm going to get my second smartphone soon. PM me for my new official number k :)

Raya Eve


Yes, I cried at work today. Oh takde la meratap sayu ke ape tah. Cuma mengalir air mata. Setitik. Dua. Mungkin juga lima. Tak tahu. Tak ada kira. Tapi telah menangis. Nasib tak ada siapa perasan. Dan nasib juga sudah habis mengelap air mata sewaktu orang atasan datang bertanya bilakah Ramadhan berakhir dan apakah saya makan ikan. Hahahahabislah besok kena pergi hwaeshik T.T Sebenarnya hari ini juga telah skip hwaeshik.

Selamat hari raya semua. The lucky ones may also get a call from me. Teka apakah makanan malam raya saya. Twigim udong. Haha :p


Bad Day :D


Moral of today's story : Jangan berlagak. Hahaha. Tu la siapakah suruh pergi mengiklankan bahawa telah mendapat rumah cantik kepada orang lain, kan dah. A bad day indeed. Haha. Tak tau macam mana nak gelak lagi. Sebab macam kelakar lah bukan. Fate memang funny. Selain containing puzzles yang memecahkan kepala untuk disolve. Is it this way, or is it that way. And even after you provided your answer, you still won't know whether or not it is the correct one. All you can do is to make the best out of any situation later on.

Did you know I lost 2 kgs? So much of gaining weight during camp *roll eyes*.


Tuesday with Me


Tak ada post untuk hari Isnin sebab hari Isnin penat melampau. Hari ini lebih penat dari hari Isnin. Soalan : Kira tahap kepenatan untuk hari ini.

Tiba-tiba rindu sekolah XD

Sekarang sedang melarikan diri dari makan malam bersama rakan sekerja dengan mengatakan perlu ke pejabat agen perumahan. Tapi sembunyi di rumah dan akan ke agensi perumahan jam 7 nanti. Sebab itu menulis dalam bahasa melayu penuh. Kalau rakan sekerja berjumpa blog ini tak adalah kantoi. Haha :p

Eh tak lama lagi hari raya. Bagaimana dengan persiapan raya anda? Baju raya saya berwarna fluorescent yellow. Sangat striking. Dan tertera di belakang "Pelatih Industri". Hahahaha. At least uniform pekerja kilang yang polo hitam atau green plaid itu lebih menarik dari baju kami. Walaupun begitu, saya suka kerjaya saya. Oh masih tak dapat percaya sebenarnya berada di division tersebut. Mungkin selepas seminggu akan mula percaya.

Saya suka compact powder saya yang baru, tapi kenapakah make up mesti dijual dalam kadar banyak? Macam hari2 pakai bedak yang sama bukankah macam bosan? Tapi berasa gembira facial wash macam berkurang secara cemerlang. Bukti saya rajin cuci muka :p

Sekian untuk hari ini :)


Daily Updates


Hari Ahad datang dengan pantas nampaknya. Actually I was thinking of writing the short story I wrote at Sapyo class during the first semester of third year. Ok I wrote it in Korean tapi berhasrat menulis semula dalam bahasa Inggeris. Tapi menjadi malas. Haha. Tak tahu kenapakah hari ni macam sangat ngantuk. Boleh tidur kat food court sementara tunggu makcik tailor masuk kerja. Oh tidur SAHAJA di food court ok. Jangan fikir bukan-bukan. Oh mahal sungguh bayaran tailor sampai kena makan maggi buka puasa, tapi memang puas hati. Ok, tipu di situ. Makan maggi bukan sebab dah habis duit bayar tailor. Lebih kepada tak tau nak makan apa seorang diri.

By the way, the peep-toe 4-inched heels itu memang tidak selesa langsung. Sebab hari ini saya jalan kaki ke Home Plus dengan red platforms with almost the same height, tapi kaki langsung tak sakit. Siap lari kejar traffic light lagi. See, sangat boleh handle.

Oh hari ini juga mandi hujan 2 kali. Saya kata pada Mosh saya mandi hujan lalu beliau tidak heran langsung. Kata beliau, biasalah tu, saya memang malas pakai payung. Haha apakah tak simpati langsung.

Baiklah, mulai esok hari kena keluar rumah jam 7. Sebab tak tau lokasi tempat yang harus pergi. Tapi boleh pakai sneakers. Yippie yayy~~


The Thing I Worry About


Baiklah. Being placed at XXX Division can hardly be called a bad thing. No, it's not a bad thing at all sebenarnya. Cuma tak tau kenapa macam nak gelak setiap kali I think about it. Mulai sekarang tak ada masa merisaukan perkara lain. Cuma ada masa merisaukan karier. Sebab sebelum ni, bila membuat planning masa depan untuk karier, saya merancang mengikut division lain. Dan tiba-tiba division lain datang di depan mata. Haha. Betul-betul cuma akan risau how will I fair on my job from now on.

Mosh kata, jangan risau belum ada orang mati lagi setakat ni. Quit mungkin, tapi tak adalah mati. Maka tak perlu risau. Haha tapi risau juga. Mana mungkin tak risaulah bukan. Oh hari ini Mosh buat statement kelakar. Di mana beliau menyatakan saya mempunyai keazaman yang tinggi. Menurut beliau, kalau saya tak suka saya akan kata saya tak suka. Macam sikit berciri orang Korea di situ. Menurut beliau la. Beliau pula berciri orang Malaysia di mana walau tak suka pun akan diam dan tahan sahaja. Er tapi beliau bercakap benar. I speak my mind, most of the time, when I feel like what I think matters.

Saya tak ada duit raya tahun ini. Tapi berharap adik-adik dan anak-anak saudara menghargai duit raya yang akan saya beri kelak sebab saya memerah keringat betul-betul demi duit raya anda semua.

Selamat hari raya dari perantauan. Haha statement sedih.




4.52 a.m in the morning and will be out sending Mosh to airport some time soon. You'll notice I removed my chatbox due to some spams and add in my little dreams. The list of things that I want yet I don't hope someone else would give it to me. Er my SFC for instance, can't be given by someone else :p. We'll see how much time I'll take to get myself everything on the list.

I told you fate is funny right? I don't know whether to laugh or cry. But I haven't cried yet and I laughed a lot. This year is getting more exciting. More unexpected things coming my way and the more I become uncertain of what the future holds for me. It's scary, but exciting too.

힘을 내 봐, 용기를 내 봐
너라면 할 수 있어
눈부시게 빛 날꺼야
너라면 할 수 있어

p/s : sometimes it amazes me how close I am to myself, that at times I feel like no one can comfort me or give me encouragement better than myself can.


Life is Fabulous


Tan taraaaa~~
Tak berapa tahu tan tara tu ape tapi berasa nak membuat bunyi-bunyian. Maka.... haha :p. Weekend ini tak mahu pegi mana-mana walaupun Isnin cuti. Tipu. Harus pegi ke airport dan kemudian ke DYTC. Sepatutnya turun ke Seoul beramah mesra dengan junior2 tapi entah kenapa tiba-tiba jadi pemalu. Hahaha. Last week waktu buka puasa kat embassy pun saya sembunyi belakang junior 83 time diorang bersalaman dengan junior bawahan. Haha. Apakah punya segan tak tau nak cakap. Lagi segan bila Hanim asyik introduce saya sebagai super super super senior. Macam tua sangat bukan? Bukan.

Sejak semalam tak tahu nak berasa apa. But all over macam nak tergelak sahaja. Fate is funny. Life is surprising. Accept good things with a smile and bad things with a laugh. Things will be more easier that way.

I should think I am lucky, shouldn't I? Alhamdulillah :)


Quick One


Quick night post while cooking. Mosh commented on the pimples I have nowadays. Well, it's not like I never got any pimples before, just that nowadays they are more pronounced than ever. It started during camp and some had gone away for good and some keep coming back again and again. Question is, why? Well, I think the answer would be I didn't daydream half as much as I do now. I don't remember daydreaming much through classes at school. When I was bored, I would scribble on papers or observed what others did. But I guess I daydream too much nowadays. Thus, the extra oil emission.

I have this one thing I want so badly since... um.. well let say long ago. And yes I'm going to try my best to get it ASAP. I made up my mind, and I decided on it. Now is time for action =)


The Real World


The more time I spend in wonderland in the company of Little Wonders, the more I realized that this is REAL. My wonderland is. And as much as dreamland is beautiful, I cannot make it part of wonderland if it's not real.

Mekdi commented on how unpredictable I am these days. Yeah, I know there are the sudden craving for high heels and make-ups. Not to mention the desperation for Escada Rockin Rio. I asked her was I that predictable before and she said 'sort of'. I know now I was. I was always on the safe side of everything, valuing stability over risk - except when I'm playing at my strength, and I was always logical. I weighed the pros and cons and always sensible in picking my choice over things.

But this year, things had gone totally different. It started with some months of unemployment, filled with uncertainties of what to do and where my future is. But I have to admit. Wonderland is real. And I'm thankful for that.

Points Update


- Over at the company and is having 25 minutes break.
- Am having stomachache.
- My house is extra messy and Mekdi is arriving SOON. (you know how Mekdi is like a warden to me T.T)
- Am going to have fabulous dinner (and coffee afterwards hopefully!)
- Will try walking to company on high heels tomorrow. Haha :p
- Want some nice cotton pants and Escada Rockin Rio and My Little Phony and some cool jackets.



I'm feeling ugly. Like I don't belong in wonderland anymore where everything is prettily pretty.
There are grudge, hatred, loathing... all the ugly feelings, you name it.
And most worrisome of all is the self-destructive instinct.

Little Wonder Mardhiah Sabri, will you come home fast plox?

Dilemma of a Shopaholic


Tiba-tiba terbeli satin heels tersebut. Maaf. Haha. Sebenarnya memang dah lama mahu pink satin heels. Walaupun tak pernah bermimpi nak yang setinggi ni :p Dan tak berapa tahu bila baru boleh pakai, tapi tak apa. Mungkin satu hari nanti bila saya dah terer bertumit tinggi, saya boleh pakai. Atau mungkin akan ada function di mana saya akan pergi dinner di hotel lima bintang with plush carpet everywhere dan dijemput dihantar pulang dengan kereta. Kalau tak banyak jalan macam itu mungkin boleh handle. Anyway the pair is just gorgeous.

Wishlist : Escada Rockin Rio. Sapakah baik hati nak tolong belikan? Tolonglah. Mosh dalam nada bergelak ketawa telah mengingatkan saya bahawa saya masih perlu shopping seluar dan jaket/cardigan untuk bekerja. Maka tak mungkin boleh pegi membeli perkara lain sebelum dua perkara tersebut. Maka sekali lagi. Tolonglah. Escada Rockin Rio ye? :p

Perkara ketiga. Baik. Jual mahal ye. Tak apa. Tak apa. Kita tengok nanti. Tapi nantilah. Sekarang belum boleh tengok lagi. Sekarang kena pergi ke pasar tengok ikan.


Growing Up


First day of break and I'm spending my time trying out the make-up I bought last night. When I first got the job, my sister told me I'll be having my first make-up set soon. So here I am, trying everything. And I have to say I'm getting good at eyelining. Must be from the time spent looking at Bibik applying hers. My little sister is waaayyy better than me in many things. I quite like the final look except my skin look extra dry.

Anyway, Mosh and I celebrated his belated birthday. Seafood for dinner and I bought him a polo shirt that he wanted before we went off shopping for my stuff. I bought quite a bunch of things and especially like the red platforms. The cream heels are pretty too but the red platforms rock. Mosh went all since-when-did-you-like-high-heels? and I pointed out that I wasn't used to like make-ups too but now I do. There is the whole corporate image thing, remember?

Yeah I better get back to my chores.


Back from Camp


I remembered the day I flew back to Korea, I touched very little of my breakfast. The steward asked me if I would want nasi lemak instead. I said no. Playfully, he replied, "Berlagak eh." I returned the comment with a laugh. I got back to writing the yellow visitor's form. It felt awkward filling it in. In the past, I did not so much as glanced at it, considering registered residence doesn't have to fill visitor's form. But at that time, I was flying without my residential card.

At the space marked occupation, I hesitated. The E word wasn't really something I got used to using. So does writing my place of work. Actually, I'm still not used to say anything about working.

Remember when I said I went to camp. Well, I didn't actually went into the forest or up the mountain or even to remote area. And I didn't sleep in tent or with 11 other people in a dormitory filled with double-deckers. I shared my so-called 'dormitory' with another girl and it has the most fabulous beds. White spreadsheet and fluffy white duvet and even fluffier pillow. The maintenance cleaned our private bathroom, replace the towels and clear the trash on daily basis. At least I thought so. I never really knew. All I knew is that the bathroom was always clean, the towels were always fresh and the trash bin was cleared whenever we returned to our room. The cafeteria served the most delicious pastry bread (triple heart the butter!) and cream soup (mushroom or corn or vegetables). It has indoor golf facilities, running machines and sauna.

There was a grand piano at the lobby, super-comfy sphere-shaped couches, and real exotic plants in the lobby. It was far from a camp, admittedly. It was actually an in-house training center.

My team at camp consisted of 19 people including me and I'm the only engineer among the girls. So I came as strikingly different than them. Cultural background, appearance, personality and outspokenness wise. Does the word outspokenness even exist? I'm too lazy to check the dictionary now. Will check it later. After all, my roommate did tell me my Korean pronounciation is better than my English pronounciation. Haha.

I had my first paycheck and realized how many things I had to buy and wonder if I will be able to save any of it. Another training will start Monday next week, so I have 6 days in total to spend money. Haha kidding.

It's nearly six over here so I guess I'll stop babbling now. See you soon.


I'm back at camp.
It's raining heavily outside.
I feel really light.
A part of me has left.
My heart.
I'll take it from here.


Dear self,

I know things has not been easy for you. It has been a week since you arrived at wonderland. And nothing is the same. Well, at least, not you. I'm sorry I had to drag you to senses. I can't afford to let you get lost in a dream. Least of all, that dream.

I know you are hurt. I know you feel like kicking me. I know you are mad at me beyond anything.

But I also know that you know I did it for your own good. And you did say you agree. Even if it was maybe less than half-heartedly.

Please know that I love you and no matter how hard things will turn out to, I will always be there for you.

I hope you enjoy wonderland from this brand new perspective =)

Live Update

As posted on FB, I am still alive in case you are wondering.
Camp is GREAT.

Packing Dilemma


Am going to camp in a few hours time.
Too lazy to pack.
I just realized I don't have much dull-colored clothing >.<


In Wonderland


I'm back in wonderland and every bit panicked. Because I am supposed to be at Anguk 7.30 a.m tomorrow. And I just realized the dress-code is every bit strict. Duh.

Ok, I admit as I was waiting for boarding I kept staring at the gate, feeling like running out. Lucky me, there was Dira and she kept giving words of encouragement. I must have looked like a kiddie coz everybody paid extra attention to me. The steward even ask me if I would like the nasi lemak when he saw me touching very little of my omelette. And lucky me again, the seat next to me is empty so I can have a nice cozy bed to sleep on. I was thinking I need to get to wonderland ASAP else I would feel like regretting everything.

Wonderland was warm when I landed. I didn't expect midsummer to be of this weather. I was never in wonderland around August. I was sleepy the whole day. But I went straight to Immigration Office from the airport. Lunch was KFC. And shopped a bit for camp at which I felt like going for a school trip. Mosh and I went to watch Inception where I fell asleep in the middle of the movie despite the explosion and gunshot. Apparently, the story is boring second way around and I was extremely tired. Emotionally.

I just cooked Maggi and judging on the gloomy lights streaming from the window, it looks like it's going to rain soon.

See you at camp.


The Reason


Things happen for a reason. And I believe that my life is fair. I don't get all I wish for, but I am given wonderland. The place to live my dream and heal my pain.

"It's all about the destination. The journey is immaterial," - Kate Hemmingway in You're the One that I Don't Want.

How many times a day do we think it doesn't matter how it ended, as long as we go on the journey? In my life, there are several times when I think the journey itself doesn't matter at all. Remember when I needed an A+ badly in Fluid Mechanics? And I really think I did well in the exam only to find out later that my marks is only around average, which means a B or B+. Yet when the results came out I still got an A+. And what about the A+ in CAD when I didn't even submit my mid-term paper? And the visa I ended up getting after some struggles and countless tears. Sometimes we get things the easy way. And sometimes we have to go to every extent that we can. But in the end, I believe, Allah gives us what we deserve and what is good for us. And at this very moment I am endlessly grateful I was given wonderland, despite my doubt earlier of whether or not to go. I was given the chance with a reason. And I know now what the reason is.

Alhamdulillah for this life I'm living :)

My flight is in less than eight hours. I hope I have a safe journey and the summer sunshine of wonderland will greet me at the other side of the six-hours flight.


Less than 24 Hour


I FINALLY wrote the official letter. Well, anything official is so not me. Anyway, I haven't packed. Can you believe it? It's less than an hour before my flight and I haven't chuck anything into the suitcase. Um, yeah I kind of happy to finally go home, but I can't help thinking what's waiting for me on the other side of the six-hours flight.

I finally found my senses and I came to realize that my senses must be the most cruel part of me. It kept throwing cold, harsh reality into my face just so I would come back from dreamland. In sorting between sensible and insensible things to do, it completely disregards my feelings over the matter and gave me only the blacks and whites of thing. It left me wondering was I always this heartless when running a logical judgment. I guess this is the thing about science. It sometimes makes you put the facts before the feelings.

I went to my ex-classmates' wedding yesterday. Um yeah plural. Both the bride and groom were my ex-classmates. Met lots of people from school. I have to say I did have an awesome circle of friends back in high school. And their awesomeness tripled over the years we did not meet. I can't help getting all giggled over their jokes. When I looked back to the times we spent at high school, I never expected we were going to have such mature conversation as an adult.

I'm going to be locked up at camp for three weeks starting the coming Thursday and I don't know if they'll allow fb or blogspot over there. But I'll keep myself connected as much as I can. And this is my promise to self : I won't be coming back until I am perfectly trained to groom myself immaculately, able to drive and able to wear contact lenses.

And mom asked me to come back on December for Farid's wedding. That left us with not much time right :p


Morning Ramblings


Ok, I finished the assignment yesterday at about 9 something at night. After some cheating. Um well, you can't really call it cheating. No one said I cannot skip the video. Anyway, there's just left one more thing to do, so...

I really have to go get my shopping done today. Else mom would be ballistic. I need at least 2 more shirts and some groceries.

I am still yawning and my lids are heavy times ten, but I can't go to sleep anymore. Restless stomach, again. I have to say I don't fancy carbohydrate. Everytime I think about eating rice, I go urghh. Roti kadang-kadang laa. And sometimes I just eat mihun and kuayteow.

Ok let's admit. I'm a spoilt brat. I spoil myself more than other people spoil me. And people do spoil me a lot. But I can be very strict with myself too when I need myself to focus and be sensible.

Ok my head is spinning and I'm sleepy. I'm going to try sleep one more time :D


My Dictionary


Ok. 3rd post for today. Hard not to when all you do is staring at the computer from 8 something in the morning up till now.

Heart had been restless. Maybe because stomach is hungry. Oh I ate Maggi for lunch. And I finished the noodles. How cool was that? Yesterday I finished my 6 inch subway and I even devoured everything of my KFC snack plate. Except the bun, of course. I guess my appetite is back. Good.

I realized that the definition of a few words in my dictionary contradicts general definition. Well, that's not simply because I hate being ordinary, but rather in my day-to-day life, I found a new perspective of seeing things. No, there is no such word as BFF in my dictionary. There are Specials, VVIP and Little Wonders though. And lately, I have been wondering on the definition of love. Who doesn't? That word is not particularly an easy one to define.

Aaahhhh I'm just starting on session 11. I guess the reason I'm writing is just so I can keep myself sane. I hope Friday comes quickly. Because Friday is the deadline of EVERYTHING. And when Friday comes, I must have finish doing all the works XD


The Tale of the Unbreakable


Ok I reallllyyyy feel like writing a short story right now. But I can't. I'm not even halfway through the assignment yet. *Sigh*

If I am able to write one, the title of the short story would be "The Tale of the Unbreakable". Oh don't bother asking what the story would be about. I haven't think about that yet. But I know that that title will make a good story.

If everything goes well, I'm going to finish Module 2 of 2nd part tonight at 11.30 p.m. That is assuming I don't eat anything or go anywhere outside the house.

I so much want to write a story, pretty with-fresh-cream-and-cherries-on-top please.


About the Future


I'm trying NOT to think about how much fun Bibik and Nadia will be having at KLCC-Times Square-Pavillion today. I have 2 days before deadline and I still have a bunch to do. Never mind. I'll get myself something decent when I finish everything. I'm trying to numb myself from any feelings and concentrate on my assignment, but apparently that is kind of hard to do.

Anyway, you'll realize I'm all-over the place lately. I have been constantly moving. KL to BP majorly. But also to other places as well. I realized now how many things I still haven't done so although everything is going well currently, I'm heading home next week.

If you ask me now, I'll still say I don't know anything about my future. I know now that no one does. But I hope there are some things good in store for me.


Sunny Day


Pergi membeli langsir bersama emak di Tangkak tengahari tadi. Kedai kain tersebut pasang lagu raya. Tiba-tiba rasa macam nak nangis. Haha. Sudah berapa kalikah saya tak ada beraya di Malaysia?

Pernah suatu masa seorang rakan sepasukan bertanya pada saya, "Why do you have so many fears?" Ya, saya memang seorang penakut. Saya takut bugs, height, speed, dark dan bermacam-macam lagi. Lalu saya jawab pada dia, "Because I'm a girl." Ok, saya tahu jawapan tak boleh pakai. Apatah lagi dikemukakan oleh seorang perempuan berjurusan Kejuruteraan Mekanikal. Zatul is more of a lady than me and yet she could single-handedly and heartlessly kill every bugs I found scary in my room. Jawapan sebenar adalah, "Because I have as much self-confidence as a wet rag."

Anyway, I promised to improve myself and try to be perfect. Ok, no one is perfect but there's nothing wrong in trying to be better.

And the first on my list is : drive. I just HAVE to swallow everything and get myself behind the wheel. Sebab not being able to drive is soooo NOT cool. And sometimes having to ask other people to drive me around seem just not right. I sometimes do wish I can drive. But when I return to wonderland and the need of driving return to zero, I forget all about my will to drive. Ok this is serious. I'll reward myself 5 books of my choice if I can bring myself to drive outside Taman Kantan Permai. And with speed more than 40kmph. :D

I am babbling now, am I not? I guess I'll see you later then.




Well, broadband is not behaving well currently, so I decided to do my assignment later. When I'm back in Kajang.

I am positively worried of myself. Less then two weeks left and my appetite has been declining super fast Monday. Should I blame it on the Laksa Penang at Mid Valley Food Court? It's not that I am having a not-so-good time that I don't feel like eating. In fact, Monday was when I actually laughed a lot and had fun after some very-depressing time. I went out with Bibik and her two friends and it was awesome. We laughed macam nak pengsan while searching for an empty parking lot. And bed-talked later at her friend's and ended with Bibik skipping class because it was too late for her to go, anyway. Bibik bought me chicken strips from BBQ Chicken and Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks because I was a bit down due to my um.. problem. I have such a wonderful younger sister, you have to remind me to buy her something when my first paycheck comes out. But I realized that that was about everything I ate that day.

Tuesday saw me sipping sup tulang and one piece of begedil for lunch and not-finishing my kuetiaw goreng for dinner. Wednesday was when I had GCB for lunch and didn't finish the fries and eating half of roti telur for dinner (I agreed to go for dinner because Boyot was threatening me). Thursday, I ate three small pieces of chicken for lunch and no dinner at all. Friday, we had lunch at O'Briens where I only managed to finish half of my chicken wrap and I only took a couple of sip of my Maggi Sup. The thing is, I feel hungry yet I don't feel like eating anything. And the weird thing is my ring is tightening around my finger. It even leave marks on it now. Well anyway, I'm worried because less than two weeks left and I am supposed to be keeping fit.

I told you, you wouldn't want to listen to my worries.

So on a happy note, if everything goes well, I'm returning to wonderland this Thursday. Yes, Thursday. And I haven't shop for anything.

I see you later then, when I'm less worried.


Nearing The End


Um... I think I'm not being myself currently. If I am, I would have finished all the things I should be doing since a few days ago. I just need to get a serious smack on my head so that I would just stop day-dreaming. Somebody, hit me please!

Anyway, things have been going well. A few ups and downs but hardly count as hardships. I actually do enjoy going around with Bibik. But well, as I picked up the book at MPH last Monday while I was out with Bibik and her friends, for the how-many times I realized why I do need to get myself a job. Books are expensive. And I always need lots of those T.T. And I want to continue my piano lesson. So a week left. I hope everything is going to be this well.

I hope today is going to be a fabulous day :)




Hari yang cerah. Diharap semua baik-baik saja.

I'm grateful for this life I'm living.

Thank you, Allah :)


Cooking Me


Saya akan memasak hari ini. Ya, sudah lama tak ada memasak. Hampir satu bulan setengah. Goreng frozen food atau boil spaghetti tak termasuk kira. Menolong emak memasak juga tak masuk. The thing is, memasak bukan di dapur sendiri macam ada sikit pelik. Macam membuat 3D drawing menggunakan komputer di sekolah. Macam sangat pelik dan lambat. Literally lambat. Sebab tak tau tools berada di mana. Ada toolbar yang ada, ada toolbar yang tak ada. Maka akan menghabiskan masa mengorek di sana sini. Memasak di dapur orang lain pun boleh tahan sama, mungkin.

Bercerita tentang memasak, saya sudah tahu kenapakah tak boleh komplen bila dapat gred sebegitu rupa dalam subjek Baeryo. Sebenarnya saya tak ada komplen langsung, tetapi telah ketawa dengan seronok. Flunk sorang-sorang memang sedih. Tapi kalau flunk secara beramai-ramai adalah perkara yang kelakar. Sama macam flunk add math bersama-sama semua rakan sekelas waktu Form 4. Oh bagaimanapun, saya deserved gred itu kerana sebenarnya.. um.. saya telah ponteng kelas tersebut sekali. Ya, ponteng. Dalam ertikata tanak datang. Instead, saya pergi memasak nasi ayam di rumah junior. Haha. Jadi memang deserved gred itu.

Baiklah. Mahu pergi menonton tv. Eh, bagaimana dengan memasak? Nantilah. Haha.




I am on a whirlwind of emotion right now, and I don't think I'm going to be down anytime soon. It isn't even eleven yet and I already wish I am in bed, waiting for tomorrow to come.

The latest of emotion involves me being furious with myself for being a coward I am. I feel like kicking myself. Umm.. no. I don't kick others when I'm mad at them, only when I'm mad at myself.

When I didn't hear anything within the week, I assumed things were going well. If not, I would've heard about the bad news, right? But when I didn't hear anything up till today, I started to feel anxious. I'm using all the strength I still have in me to stay positive. You know how extra-negative I am towards many things. But I'm trying not to be for this one.

I guess I'll just get back to sleep. Or is anyone up for coffee?


Happy Birthday



Ya, saya tak ada untuk menyambut hari lahir beliau. Juga tak ada membeli hadiah sebab saya dah hampir bankrap. Berharap beliau sabar menanti gaji pertama saya walaupun tak berapa tau nak belikan hadiah apa dah. Mungkin beliau mengharapkan sebiji R6 tapi mungkin lebih baik saya membelikan beliau sehelai baju hujan. Atau penyumbat telinga kaler biru yang beliau bawa pulang dari kilang tempoh hari.

Saya masak bubur ayam hari ini. Pada kebiasaannya, saya memasak bubur ayam ketika saya berasa I-am-not-well-and-feeling-neglected-so-I-decided-to-pamper-myself. Tak tahu kenapakah bubur ayam macam sangat berciri kasih sayang.

Stomach has been a bit restless this morning. It twists itself into a knot, a lot. I wonder what makes it feel so.


Rough Time


Akhir-akhir ini saya sedang melalui rough time. Badai ombak melambung semua ada. Sudah berapa hari bangun tidur rasa nak nangis. Ok tipu saja. Baru hari ini berasa nak menangis. Hari sebelum-sebelum ini telah sengaja melumpuhkan hati sendiri agar tidak berperasaan. Er tapi hari ini perasaan macam sedikit berterabur maka terapi yang digunakan pada hari-hari sebelum ini tidak berkesan. Tidak, saya tak memerlukan shopping sebagai terapi. Sebab dengan rasionalnya telah tahu terapi tersebut berkesan buat jangkamasa pendek saja. Adakah harus give up dan berkahwin saja? Oh tapi tak boleh give up. Give up adalah sifat yang buruk untuk diamalkan. Kalau berkahwin itu boleh. Sebab itu amalan baik. Benda baik tak elok dilambatkan. Haha. Tiba-tiba.

Mendengar OST Cinderella Sister berulang kali. Sebab lagu tersebut macam menyayat hati. Maksud saya melodinya. Lirik macam tak ada kaitan. Tapi tak apa. Asal melodi mensiat hati saja sudah boleh pakai. Kemudian boleh melayan perasaan sedih. Tapi belum seperti Lilo yang mengunci dan memaku pintu rumah dan memberitahu kakak beliau, "Leave me alone to die." Haha. Itu hyper nama dia.

Bukankah kata sedang sedih? Kenapa banyak ketawa pula? Habis, tak kan membawa mood sedih kepada pembaca yang tak sedih. Walaupun saya sedih, anda semua haruslah menikmati hari yang gembira ya. Sekian :D


Rutin Ahad


Hari ini bermula dengan um.. biasa. Biasa-biasa. Rutin hari Ahad. Macam dah banyak sangat hari Ahad yang dilalui di rumah dengan emak dan Ardini. Padahal macam baru 2 kali. Ke 3 kali entah.

Emak, bapa, Ardini dan saya pergi melawat abang bapa. Merangkap pakcik saya. Saya dah agak terlupa berapa jauhkah Bekuk dari rumah saya. Oh rupanya memang jauh. Sebaik masuk ke Kg Panca Jaya (saya harap nama tersebut betul) tersebut, kepala terus pening lalu saya pergi tidur :p. Walaupun begitu, berperasaan bahawa jalan dalam kampung tersebut sangat seronok dibuat track ATV. Ardini mengeluarkan komen, "Kenapa dia tanam pokok ni kat sini." terhadap semak-samun dan belukar di sekitar.

Pulang ke rumah dengan badan sedikit panas maka saya pergi tidur. Lagi. Bangun tidur dengan kepala yang lebih pening dari sebelum tidur. Mungkin sebab tak berapa biasa tidur petang.

Walaupun begitu, as the day goes on I felt a whole lot lighter. And happier.

Eh sekarang saya tahu apakah yang saya nak cerita tempoh hari tentang Jonker Street. Kan saya kata Akmar membeli kebaya. Dia menyebabkan saya berasa sangat out of place. Er macam si stuck-up yang tak tahu bersosial. Sebab she looked perfectly comfortable having light chats with everybody. From the guy yang jaga parking lot to makcik kedai. Macam sangat pandai beramah-mesra dan menyebabkan saya berasa I can never be half as good at socializing as her. Tapi mungkin sebab beliau ialah cikgu. Bukankah cikgu memang pandai beramah-mesra. Tengok Kak Awin :D.


Melaka Trip


Been a few weeks kan? Or was it a month?

Nothing much to tell. Ok there are a lot to tell. But I guess I leave the worries to closed ones. I don't think you'd want to listen to me babbling about something so trivial. Random thing about me : I can freak about something which normal people don't freak about. Paranoid. Sometimes I think so of myself.

I'm writing because I promised Akmar a post about my trip to Melaka. Didn't do much actually. We went to Jonker Street (was it the name of it? told u I wasn't really particular of such things) where Akmar insisted I buy myself a kebaya nyonya like she did. Of which I refused, of course. Saya pakai baju kurung pun tak sampai sepuluh kali setahun, possibility untuk pakai kebaya memang umm.. next to zero? Seingat saya, saya pakai kebaya tak lebih sepuluh kali seumur hidup kot. Then ke Mahkota Parade (where else?) where I bought myself a top supposedly for work. Then ke Dataran Pahlawan lepas tu tak larat nak jalan sebab tempat itu besar nak pengsan. Went back to her house where I went to bed at nine sebab tak tau kenapa ngantuk sangat. Returned home at ten plus in the morning.

That was about that, I guessed.



Late Post


Interesting comments at Seoul Indoor Games organized by PPMK :

Person 1 was greeting me.
Person 1 : Ko sekarang pakai biru je kan....
My reaction : *default*

Person 2 was watching Moshitta and Vincent playing double.
Person 2 : Sebab ni ke suka Zul? (ni refers to Moshitta's skill in badminton)
My reaction : *default*

Refer previous post for what default reaction means.
Congratulations Mosh and Vincent for the gold medals =)

It occurs to me that although I hope to be a better person, I certainly don't wish I am someone else.

I am home. Those who wants to meet up can call for appointment. Oh btw, I don't even have a cellphone right now.



"I like your dream." The second guy from my right said as I was preparing to leave the room.

I smiled and said thank you. Pleased.

"Dreams can come true, you know," he smiled back. "Maybe," he added as an afterthought.

Reach for the stars, climb every mountain higher - S Club 7's Reach


Weird Me


Saya selalu rasa multiplication operation itu suatu operation yang pelik. Sebab tambah tolak dan bahagi itu boleh dibayangkan tapi multiplication macam susah sikit. Mungkin orang kata contohnya ada 5 guni dan dalam satu guni ada 2 biji epal. Operasi mendarab adalah untuk mencari jumlah epal yang ada semuanya. Ok faham. Bawa contoh lebih saintifik sikit. Bila dibahagi force dengan area, anda dapat pressure. Maka fahamlah anda definisi pressure ialah force yang bertindak pada certain unit area. Tapi cuba bagi torque. Darabkan force dengan jarak. Menjadi N.m. Lepas tu macam tak berapa faham apakah torque itu sebenarnya. Sampai sekarang saya tak berapa jelas how the unit can explain what torque is.

Ok done with engineering problems. Mari melihat masalah dunia sebenar. There are many times when my first reactions to problems are laughing. Ketawa macam default reaction bila tak ada reaction spesifik lain. But ketawa itu doesn't mean I am happy with the situation at hands. It means I don't know how I should feel about it. It means 'status pending'. When I laugh at a problem it can mean the problem is too simple that I don't see any reason to worry about it, but it can also mean the problem is too complex that I don't know how to react. It's just me.

I haven't been feeling lighter than this since ages. Alhamdulillah =)


Him Nae!


Well, being positive is not really my strong point.
Sedang saya down tahap 밑바닥 tiba-tiba seorang hamba Allah naik status di fb.
"Jangan berputus asa dengan rahmat Allah."
Terdiam sekejap.

Terima kasih kamu, walaupun tak berapa ingat siapa kamu.
Semoga saya tak lagi lupa tentang itu di masa hadapan.

Mekdi kata '화이팅. 끝까지."

Belum sampai hujunglah bukan?
Bukan sayakah yang kata pada junior selagi belum keluar result selagi itu jangan putus asa?

Sila doakan untuk saya secara sangat banyak ya.




After all those times when I feel like giving up on wonderland, today I especially seriously think of giving up.
Siapa tau ada kerja kosong ke kat Malaysia?


The Missing of School Years


I was going through my picture folder when one of my dormmates from high school remind me of high school life. I just have to say I had a fabulous school years. From primary school to lower secondary to upper secondary to varsity. I can't remember a time when I hoped I was not a student.

Primary school was ehem.. embarrassing. But I did enjoy it. It was the time when it was ok to be comot after eating tempe goreng. Back then I had absolutely zero idea why were my friends all thrilled to finally get to learn science subject. I wasn't a fan of science. Engineering was so not my ambition. Clearly because back then most students wanted to be engineers. I didn't know what engineers do and jumping into the pool clueless wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do. I wanted to do something related to literature. Journalism, maybe.

Lower secondary was ehem... troublesome. Haha. The time when I continued being clueless about future. Having no exact ambitions except doing well in the next exam. Science still wasn't my favorite subject. But then again neither was geography. Especially when we had a strict teacher. Being on the caklempong team was fun. Skipping classes on purpose so that we could laze in the air-conditioned music room. Going over to Adeeb's and she cooked us lunch before all of us went for zapin practice. Hang out at Tasik Y with Dayah. Stupid fights with Izi :p

Upper secondary was ehem... there isn't one single word to explain it. It was many things into one. Burger supper at gazebo budi (or was it gazebo best?), almost got busted when spying upon somebody so my classmate and I was out of breath when we reached dining hall for supper; partly because of running and partly because we laughed to much, heart-pouring in front of girls toilet at third floor where I bonded with Dila and a few others, heart-pouring with Lisya on her bed (ouch, I miss her), the fun LK class over at Jatek etc. I could go on and on and on about upper secondary.

Matriculation was short but memorable enough. Um.. yeah memorable enough. I only got to go to class for a week anyway. But I was in the same room as Totin, my childhood friend.

Intec was ehem... laughable, I guess. Dinner roti canai berpinggan-pinggan siap tambah, playing swings at the playground; Diyana used to swing so high I could get dizzy just by looking at her, talking on the phone for hours with Zatul; that was how I bonded with her I guess, apart from the same addiction of mi goreng sebelah BSN.

SNU was ehem... another playtime. Why was my school years full of play again? But it got boring soon enough when there's nothing to do but sentence-constructing, article-summarizing and chinese-character-memorizing. But I do enjoy the chocolate waffle as well as the starcraft game :p

DYTC was ehem... fabulous. School. Shopping. School. Shopping. School. And shopping again. I guess I rarely do anything else. Except playing lineage :p

KU was ehem... was where I really learned to see things kot. It was where I learned to work hard and fell in love with science. It was where I learned to love reading my textbook and drink coffee. Where I learned to go to school library and look up for reference books.

My school years got less interesting as I neared the end. But I also grew up. At the end of it I see myself as not anymore the same person whom I was at the start. Not anymore clueless, not knowing what I would want to do. Not anymore a bitter person, grudging on others. One thing stays the same though throughout the years. I never hate exams and studying. The homework bothers me but certainly not the school, not the exams, not the studying. It made me realized the one thing I like : learning.


You're Perfect


I did tell you I am semi-good at waiting kan. Now I have butterflies all over my stomach waiting for next week to come. Moshitta found my anxiety amusing. He doesn't see any reason for me to get all nervous for a day.

Anyway, I updated my iTunes yesterday and I just realized it started finding all music files in my computer again. So when I listened to my iPod on my bus ride I started to listen to all kinds of songs I never knew I have. Um.. one of it is the OST of The Clique. The one I posted on my fb wall. I like the song. About the insecurity of someone who is supposed to be just perfect. Oh well, I guess it depends on whether you measure perfection absolutely or relatively. Of course when you measure it absolutely, no one is absolutely perfect. But sometimes we do meet people who are relatively perfect when measured according to certain frames. Beauty frame, wealth frame, charisma frame and so on and so forth. I don't think everyone was born an average in all aspects. There must be something they are supposed to be good at. Maybe they just haven't found it yet.

You gotta know, so I'm gonna tell you.
You're perfect.


8.04 a.m


I got up at 6.40 a.m and unable to get back to sleep. *Sigh* Guess I'll just get on with the translating work.

But seriously I'm yawning right now. Should I just go and try again.

So many things to do, so little time.

I can't wait.




Post-weekend blast. Er blom habis lagi weekend. Tapi tak apa. Kita update hari ini juga. After lunch and nap over at Mekdi's we went out after maghrib for shopping spree. Er or rather, we accompanied Moshitta for his shopping spree. H&M got a bunch of nice clothes at a not-so-overrated price. Mekdi eyed a really cool bag. We both purposedly avoided Forever 21. Gilakah? We both don't have a 2 million won paycheck ok. At least not yet. So we were relieved to go to the men's floor at SPAO and watch Moshitta shopped. Ok it was kind of nice taking this and that from the rack and tried it and bring everything to the cashier without having to calculate whether or not we'll be overspending. Working is kind of fun in this perspective.

Went for badminton-playing the next day with Moshitta and Vincent. Badan macam nak berpecah-belah sekarang juga. Been what, 2 months since I last been on the court. And I didn't even wear my sport shoes so my feet ache from the running around. The three of us went for lunch afterwards at Otsal. We got half tandoori chicken, tandoori chicken roll, biryani, butter naan and lamb vindaloo. Makan sampai nak pengsan lalu balik dan tidur.

Oh ya, during lunch with Mekdi, we talked a bit about my playday. Mekdi told me that the only way to feel better about the ride is to let go. Do NOT, she said, hold tightly to the handbars. Just let go and let yourself fall freely. Uh well, apparently I hate having to let go and let myself out of control.


Over at Mekdi


Had lunch date with Mekdi and dessert afterwards at um... Ssobom I guess was the name of the shop. I am never really particular about the name of restaurants or name of street or even the title on a blogpost. The cupcake was delicious but I managed to finish only half of the caramel macchiato. I ate a very small portion of lunch too. I was hungry but I seem to have a problem in my appetite. I was awake at 3.30 a.m last night, remember. Of course my body won't be functioning perfectly today.

I was thinking of writing more, but my head kind of not into it. I guess I'll just join Mekdi for a nap. Or maybe I'll start reading the book she just lent me.


Rant at Three


Approximately 3.30 in the morning.
The idea of giving up on wonderland is dangerously tempting at the moment.
But I know I have to hold on.
It's something I would want to do.




Selamat pagi yang cerah semua. Selepas sehari berhujanan semalam hari ini agak cerah. Saya sedang bersarapan dan baru lepas membaca blog Chika. Oh bayi berusia dua tahun memang menakutkan. Macam boleh patah. Buat pengetahuan anda, saya takut memegang kucing. Bukan takut kucing. Takut memegang kucing. Sebab kalau patah macam mana. Langsung berasa takut juga memegang bayi. Macam lah takut memegang Jidin. Walaupun Jidin dah berbulan-bulan.

Eh apakah jenis sarapan pada jam sebelas pagi? Bukan selalu bersarapan jam sebelas. Cuma hari ini bangun agak lewat. Um sebab tidur kurang nyenyak. Papa kata pada saya, kerja keras itu bagus. Sebab kita akan lebih berselera waktu makan. Dan lebih nyenyak tidur. Sekarang saya tak ada kerja keras. Kerja paling keras pun ialah memasak di dapur. Mungkin sebab itu saya kurang berselera waktu makan dan kurang nyenyak waktu tidur. Mungkin. Tapi saya rasa sebab terpaling besar ialah sebab saya berfikir sangat banyak. Malam tadi sindrom heart-thumping datang lagi. Macam dah tidur lalu terjaga sebab dengar bunyi jantung berdegup. Kan kelakar. Saya pun tak tau apa kaitan thinking dengan heart-thumping waktu tidur, tapi bila saya worry too much over something mesti malam itu heart-thumping datang. Hasilnya, tidur yang kurang selesa. Sigh. Harus cepat bekerja keras barulah tak ada worry pasal benda kecil mungkin.


Gloomy Days


Why do I always feel like going out and jumping around on rainy days? Probably because rainy days bring the lowly, gloomy mood. And to chase those away I have to do something active.

Saya menonton Adamaya episod terakhir hari ini. Sebab sepanjang minggu lepas tak boleh online tv3. Kenapa entah. Oh tapi episod akhir Adamaya taught me something new, gave me a new perspective. Memandang seorang lelaki bernama suami dari sudut yang saya terlupa memandang sebelum ini. Ya, saya tahu syurga seorang isteri itu terletak pada seorang suami. But rather than seeing it as layak-atau-tidak-seorang-isteri-itu-mendapat-syurga-itu-terpulang-kepada-keredhaan-suami I now see it as syurga seorang isteri itu ialah suami. Her husband is her paradise. Her joy and her happiness. Seorang isteri tak melayan seorang suami dengan baik sebab mengharapkan balasan syurga, but rather kerana seorang suami itu syurganya, kebahagiaannya. See. Macam sangat dalam. Sila berubah topik segera. Kalau tak nanti Saida Munira akan bertanyakan soalan lebih dalam. :D

I am bad at remembering faces. I picked this from both my parents, I think. Often there are times when people stop to say hi to me on the street and had a chat, and even after they leave I can seem to remember where did I meet them. Cruel kan?

The other day I was in the subway, and sitting not-exactly-across to me is a guy I think I met somewhere before. My mind was signaling that he is someone I met at somewhere important but I just can't seem to remember. I wanted to greet him but thought what if I got the wrong person. I tried to give him a small smile before I got off the train, but he was looking somewhere else. What if he's a future employer? The person who interviewed me? Ouch.

Anyway, after fourteen days, I just realized yesterday who was the girl that greeted me at the hospital the other day. I walked in and she waved excitedly at me, beckoning me to sit with her and her other chinese friends. I came and sat with them, having no idea what they were talking about since they spoke chinese. I kept thinking where did she know me considering the chinese candidates kept a lot to themselves during the interview. Yesterday it hit me. She was the girl that asked how was the interview when I was about to leave. I gave her some tips about what the interviewers might ask. Oh, well. You know, Didi, instead of having a phone that show name and cgpa when pointed to certain people, I wish it could show name and tell us where we met them before :D


Happy Teachers' Day


I can't seem to be able to make up my mind on whether or not I'm good at waiting. At times I can wait 3 hours straight for an appointment and won't complain. Other times, such as now, I tend to refuse to do anything else till the waiting ends. Distraction. I need distraction. Badly. Huge one. Such as Movers and Fakers. Or maybe I should go to Kangnam and just grab the book.

What about the little project then? On hold. I have no sewing kit :p.

Oh Happy Teachers' Day. My parents were both teachers and one of my elder sisters is a teacher too. So is my little sister, Bibik, if you count part-timer at Kumon as teacher. But to me, each and everyone of the people surrounding me is a teacher. They taught me big and little things about life. Things I'll never know if I live on my own. You might be my enemy, you might be my friends and still you are my teacher. Thank you and thank you and thank you. Every one of you has helped in shaping the person I am today. And although I'm not near perfect enough a person, I hope I am at least a better one than I would be without you people.


My Little Project


Oohh I forgot to mention that I just got a fabulous idea on my bus ride home yesterday. Many people sure know just how many clothes I've got. My fellow coursemate Yus, once claimed that he can never remembered if I worn a particular top before considering I have too many. Well, I have to say it's not as many as most girls have. And I threw away many of them when I packed last year, leaving me with approximately 2 boxes and 2 cabin luggages. One of the boxes are the winter wear and sweaters and jumpers. So yes, I don't think that is too many. You should know how happy I was seeing that it's not as many as others thought. When I told Moshitta, he said that I was just happy since it indicates that I can still buy more new clothes. Well, that is partly true. But I'm also happy because not all girls can claim that they don't have much outfits. Yay.

Anyway, about the supposed-to-be fabulous idea. I do have lots of oversized clothes. Moshitta hates them because they are too big for me. I love it because.. um well.. it is too big for me. Too big equals to comfy. There is rarely anything more comfortable to wear in the lab or workshop than the oversized stuffs. But now that I don't go to lab and workshop anymore (not to mention haven't been wearing sneakers for 2 months plus) and since I'm in need of new clothes (did I mention that the day before playday I sat among the piles of clothes I own and failed to find the one that I like much to wear?), I think I'll revamp my clothes. Yeah. Sort of cutting it and turning it into a totally different outfit. Don't worry, I have zero experience at making clothes. Unless you count stitching hems. But I succeeded once in re-making my kebaya. And I have tons of experience in cutting aluminum and L-frame, welding, drilling and putting the screws in place. Cutting clothes won't be a problem kan?

The first I'll work at is my dark green BBQ outfit. I already have something in mind for it. If I succeed I'll show it to you. If not, I guess I'll just have to buy the 5000 won light brown dress I saw yesterday as replacement. Tee-hee :p


Drill and Playday


Dulu masa sekolah saya suka fire drill. It was an excuse to stop the on-going lesson and go outside to spend time chatting with friends while standing in lines. Bila dah besar, dah tak ada fire drill lah. Instead, today I had my first war drill in Korea. Pertama kali dalam enam tahun. Samalah macam pertama kali pergi Hiseoul dalam enam tahun :D. Sebelum ni mungkin cuma dengar the siren blaring while I was in the house. Sebab tinggal dengan orang Malaysia, mana tahulah bukan nak buat apa time war drill. But I was in the bus when we had the drill. The blaring of sirens and all cars stopped at the roadside, waiting. Mungkin juga bertujuan mengosongkan jalan so that kereta polis atau kereta kebal boleh lalu dengan mudah. Malaysia tak ada war drill, kan?

I had playday yesterday. At lotte world. Main bermacam-macam benda yang tak pernah terfikir nak main. Tertipu pergi masuk main Comet Express dengan rela hati sebab tak tau apakah jenis permainan tersebut. Bila train dah sampai depan mata baru berasa tanak naik. Tapi naik juga sebab orang lain dah tunggu. Tapi banyak-banyak mainan, yang terpaling horror ialah kapal itu. Kapal yang main swing-swing tu. At least Comet Express tu tutup mata je dah boleh psycho otak kata itu X-ride kat CGV. Tapi kapal tersebut macam mana tutup mata pun memang horror. I must be the only person who was scared sebab orang lain semua turun dengan gembira. Oh ye, semua permainan outdoor memang out of question lah untuk sya, bukan? Kecuali Comet Express.

Penat dan nak makan kebab. Mood kurang behave hari ni. Sekian.


Another Weekend Out


Another great weekend out starting with Mosh, Vincent and I sunbathing at the City Hall grassy lawn at 2 p.m while watching the performance from various country, eating and drinking chocolate at a chocolatier at Hongdae, topped with us getting the wrong bus home and missed dinner because by the time we arrived, it was already eleven. My head was all dizzy from the bus ride and the taxi ride made it no better. I still had a headache when I woke up this morning so I decided to give myself a head massage. Feeling better. The weather yesterday was not too hot that you would sweat but bright enough to make me worry about getting burned. My face is already relatively darker and there are some pimples making its way out. But nothing major. Phewww.


Laksa Yum


Akhirnya. Laksa johor. Tak berapa tau kenapa tiba-tiba rasa nak laksa. Tapi mengikutkan hati dan pergi memasak laksa. Samalah macam mengikut hati dan membeli sandwich telur, sandwich tuna dan takoyaki sekaligus untuk lunch. Saya memang pandai mengikut hati kalau sampai perihal makanan.

Oh ya. Tentang laksa johor. Saya rasa the challenge of cooking traditional food abroad lies in making the best out of everything I have. Contohnya, semalam tak ada lengkuas. Mana mungkin masak laksa johor tanpa lengkuas. Er tapi masak juga. Dan berusaha sedaya upaya menjadikan rasa laksa tersebut macam rasa laksa. Macam tak ada ingredient yang kurang langsung. Makan laksa dengan perasaan bahagia. Oh saya suka laksa. Tapi laksa terpilih saja. Laksa penang macam ada sikit pelik dimakan. Orang penang pun waktu pertama kali makan laksa johor berasa laksa johor pelik :D. Oh ya. Encik Jang tak suka makan laksa. Ini adalah fakta. Beliau mengaku sedemikian ketika mencuba makan laksa di Malaysia. Er, Encik Jang ialah cikgu bahasa Korea kami. Dalam bahasa lainnya, Jang Seonsaengnim.

Fakta random : Saya tak pernah makan cupcakes. Dan tak pernah teringin pun nak cuba makan. Sure they look cute, tapi macam tak berapa menyelerakan.

Fakta random 2 : Saya menghadapi kesukaran menukar perisa ubat gigi. I've been using the same toothpaste for about 9 years. Whenever I go for a sleepover at friends' houses I make sure I bring MY toothpaste along.

Jom pergi HiSeoul :D


Syukur :)


I'm not really good at teamwork. Don't get me wrong. It doesn't mean I'm not good at co-operating with my co-workers. More in a sense that if my teammates slack off, I won't mind. Instead I'll put a whole lot of extra effort to get the job done as if it was done by the whole team instead of me alone. Not good since it didn't work well during our measurement lab when I was in DYTC. We got 3 or 4 people in our group. 1 showed up just once. Another was always late when he decided to show up. And the other always got out in the middle of the class. And since I was the type that does not mind, I did all the measuring test on my own and let them all copy my result. I was thinking as long as our group's results were good I'd be getting good grade. But, no. The instructor insisted that if your teammates slack off, it would affect your grade too. So it is your responsibility to urge your teammates to work hard. At twenty years old, I thought that was a bit unfair, since you could try to persuade them to come, but in the end it was up to them whether or not they would want to go. At twenty four years old, I think maybe the instructor was right. There is a reason why people do groupwork. The reason being you can never do it just as good on your own.

Alhamdulillah for everything. Serius. Saya bersyukur dengan segala apa yang saya ada. Kalau kamu mimpi makan pringles di malam hari; pringles yang heboh satu malaysia persoalkan status halalnya. Lalu kamu bangun dari tidur with the rich smell of sour and cream still lingering as if it was real. And when you go out you see the green bottle on the shelf of the shop. Along with the halal symbol from Jakim. Haruslah kamu rasa bersyukur kan? Rezeki. Saya beli dua botol. Alhamdulillah di atas semua kurniaan.

Assalamualaikum :)

My Favorite Word


Tahukah? Perkataan Korean yang saya paling suka ialah 싫어. Sebab... oh well, macam sangat comel. Mungkin depends kepada intonasi anda bercakap, tapi perkataan tersebut membolehkan anda berkata benci secara sangat comel.

Oh esok hari kanak-kanak. Apakah rancangan anda? Saya macam berasa taknak ke mana-mana. Sebab hari kanak-kanak adalah hari cuti di mana semua tempat pun dipenuhi manusia.

Sakit gigi lagi. Wisdom teeth (ya, plural.) saya sangat lambat keluar. Macam keluar secara perlahan-lahan. Sudah berapa tahun entah.


Cinderella Sister


I am totally into Cinderella Sister right now. It's been long since I went head over heels with Korean drama. And I can't even skip this one right to the end to avoid the heart-wrenching drama. Because, well, the series is still on air. I especially love the way Eun-Jo likes to listen to her name being called by Ki-Hoon.

Isn't it amazing? How our names could sound very different when spoke by different people. Like it's a totally different word. I have people saying my name all the time. Except my family, most people call me by my full name. I'm so used to it that whenever I introduce myself to someone I just met I insist them to call me by my full name. Just like Eun-Jo, I think there can be only one person who can say the name correctly and send butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

Er, ya, Saida Munira. Saya cuma jiwang pada hari yang luar biasa saja. Dan hari ini luar biasa kerana saya tak dapat tidur malam tadi. Sekian :p


Winter-Cold Wind


Can I be all lazy and eat Maggi for lunch please? And I'm even too lazy to cook it the correct way. It doesn't even taste half as good when I do so.

Mekdi requested Saturday night dinner but I'm still thinking whether or not to go. The weather is winter-cold lately and the strong wind is blowing everywhere. I won't want to have to go to the toilet every few minutes like the last time we had dinner together. Siryes Sinchon itu sejuk.

Oh I like the OST Adamaya. Especially the part of "kau yang ilhamkan bahagia, hingga aku terasa indah". I think the words are well-put together. Dan saya bukanlah orang bunga-bunga. Saya ialah engineering school graduate. We deal with things the simplest most straightforward ways we can. Cuma kadang-kadang lagu bunga-bunga ada yang memang cantik. Macam OST Boys Over Flowers entitled Do You Know?.

Ok I have to go cook some Maggi. My stomach is rumbling yet again.