Cinderella Sister


I am totally into Cinderella Sister right now. It's been long since I went head over heels with Korean drama. And I can't even skip this one right to the end to avoid the heart-wrenching drama. Because, well, the series is still on air. I especially love the way Eun-Jo likes to listen to her name being called by Ki-Hoon.

Isn't it amazing? How our names could sound very different when spoke by different people. Like it's a totally different word. I have people saying my name all the time. Except my family, most people call me by my full name. I'm so used to it that whenever I introduce myself to someone I just met I insist them to call me by my full name. Just like Eun-Jo, I think there can be only one person who can say the name correctly and send butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

Er, ya, Saida Munira. Saya cuma jiwang pada hari yang luar biasa saja. Dan hari ini luar biasa kerana saya tak dapat tidur malam tadi. Sekian :p


Winter-Cold Wind


Can I be all lazy and eat Maggi for lunch please? And I'm even too lazy to cook it the correct way. It doesn't even taste half as good when I do so.

Mekdi requested Saturday night dinner but I'm still thinking whether or not to go. The weather is winter-cold lately and the strong wind is blowing everywhere. I won't want to have to go to the toilet every few minutes like the last time we had dinner together. Siryes Sinchon itu sejuk.

Oh I like the OST Adamaya. Especially the part of "kau yang ilhamkan bahagia, hingga aku terasa indah". I think the words are well-put together. Dan saya bukanlah orang bunga-bunga. Saya ialah engineering school graduate. We deal with things the simplest most straightforward ways we can. Cuma kadang-kadang lagu bunga-bunga ada yang memang cantik. Macam OST Boys Over Flowers entitled Do You Know?.

Ok I have to go cook some Maggi. My stomach is rumbling yet again.


Of Respect


Topik berat untuk diskusi hari ini. Di luar sedang hujan. Oh. Getting soaked while in socks and sneakers memanglah tidak cool tapi getting soaked while in stockings and ballet flats bukan sahaja tidak cool, malah cold. Oh serius sejuk. Mahu but hujan, but hujan.

Ok berbalik kepada topik diskusi. Respect. Atau dalam bahasa melayu hormat. Atau dalam bahasa Korea 존중. Sebenarnya ada banyak perkataan korea yang refer to respect. Tapi saya pilih 존중. Sebab saya suka.

Punca topik. Saya menonton Adamaya. Oh Lisa Surihani memang comel. Semua perempuan di luar sana tak payah makan hati cemburu kalau teman lelaki anda merupakan big fan Lisa Surihani. Anda kena belajar menerima kenyataan. Tapi Adam itu pula not to go down the drain for. Memanglah baik mungkin. Tapi tak adalah one in a million punya baik. Di mata saya macam cuma plain hero stuff. Ok ok. Adamaya. Haa.. dalam satu scene Adam kata pada Maya something along the line of "Saya ni suami awak. Kalau awak tak sayang saya pun, awak kena hormat saya." Tentu ramai penonton rasa memang patut Adam kata macam tu. He is after all the hero. And Maya pun as isteri memang lah patut hormat dan setia inside out kan? Tapi, mari berpijak di bumi nyata, easier said than done lah bukan.

Cuba menanamkan hormat kepada seseorang di atas dasar status seseorang itu memang bukan senang. Macam menyuruh budak darjah 1 hormat cikgu kerana cikgu ialah cikgu. Atau menyuruh junior hormat senior sebab senior ialah senior. Kita tak boleh menjamin rasa hormat itu bukan sekadar wujud on the surface. Padahal dalam hati memberontak.

Lain bila kita menghormati seseorang dengan ikhlas. Macam menghormati professor sebab beliau memang wise tentang hidup dan bukan sekadar bijak dalam bidang mereka. Atau menghormati pakcik kedai fotostat sebab beliau selalu melayan pelanggan dengan berhemah.

Walaupun memang Adam layak menyuruh Maya hormat beliau, I can understand if she finds it hard to do so. Respect bukan datang dengan button. Kalau tekan button automatik boleh hormat pada orang itu. If you want people to respect you, you have to do something respectful. And it will take times before people will start respecting you.

Er hari hujan memang sejuk. Tak mahu tulis banyak. See you next time. :D


My Weekend


Moshitta hates my jeans.

He hates the side-pocketed khakis. He hates the blue Clride jeans. Both of which I wear because they are comfortable rather than nice-looking. He hates them so much that he bought me a new MNG pair. The exact black jeans that bibik looked at at MNG Sunway. But that was ages ago kan bibik. I bet you already found the black jeans that you want. And yes, I love the jeans. Very much.

He's been getting me to try a few jeans at SPAO, all of which I hate because of its cutting. Lucky me I decided to get in line and get myself the hand-tag MNG was giving out for people who can get 20% discount on their items. Moshitta was saying I would be wasting it since I won't be buying anything. But then I picked up the black jeans. Tried and loved it. But it was a bit pricey, so I was debating whether or not to buy. I am not in the form fit to be buying anything currently. So he said he'd pay for it. Although afterwards of course I felt bad. I actually feel bad whenever Moshitta buys me something expensive. Most of you probably think MNG is not that expensive, but I don't wear MNG nor other branded stuff much, so yeah, it is expensive in my point of view.

We watched Avatar in 4D. And we missed the opening yet again. We missed it when we watched the 2D. Missed it when we watched the 3D. And missed it again the 4D. Linda decided not to go with us so she could do a shopping spree on herself. She texted me in the middle of the movie saying her hands were full of shopping bags. Anyway, Avatar in 4D is awesome. I like the wind effect most. Maybe I'll wait for Ironman 2 to be available in 4D.

Oh, Kim Yeon-A was in Times Square signing autograph when we were there. Some book-launching stuff, I guess.

Then we headed to Kodae for BBQ party with 65 leftovers. Talked and talked and talked. Ate three pieces of chicken and sweet potatoes. Drank a mixture of A&W root beer, pepsi and sprite. Took funny pictures. Um. The picture was funny because of the jokes cracked when the picture was being taken. I had to hold my laugh so I wouldn't spoil my smile.

Went to my old house. Nana, Dayu and Qila are living there currently and it doesn't look like my house at all. They totally transformed it. Linda said it now looked like girls' house. Does that mean it was less girly when I lived in it? Anyway, I was so dizzy and my sore throat was coming back, so after a bit of talk and advice to the juniors for their exams, Qila gave me a pill for my headache and strepsils for my sore throat. Then I went off to slumberland, later than Linda.

We had donuts at Dunkin for breakfast, shopped a bit at Good Morning City where I bought a top and cardigan - 'for work'. Went to Itaewon since Linda needed some food-shopping, then we had buffet lunch at Maharaja.

Was a fabulous weekend. I already missed Linda.


Of Inkdeath and Inkspell


Saya baca Inkheart lama dulu. Waktu tu tak mampu membeli Inkspell sekali. Apatah lagi Inkdeath. Serius Inkdeath itu mahal. Tapi sekarang telah mampu beli. Ok bergurau saja. Haha. Sebenarnya Inkdeath itu dibeli ketika tengah sale. 40% on Kyobo online.

I decided to buy both since, well, I told you I need a distraction from thinking about my interview. I still think about it even now, analyzing every single word spoken on that day and thinking what should I have said to make it anymore better. Oh.

Anyway, I have to say I finished it pretty late than I expected. Maybe because I spent much time on the internet. Facebook is kind of addictive. Or maybe because after sometimes getting involved in one story, you kind of get tired of it. And annoyed.

Yeah, I was much annoyed by the characters. Meggie, Resa, Farid, Orpheus.. even Dustfinger whom I think was the coolest character of all. They annoyed me when they do something insensible out of concern of the people they love. It irritates me much that I was thinking does everyone in love this annoying?

Only Mortimer seems to be doing the right thing. But then again he's the hero. Or maybe it's because half of the Inkspell, he just lied motionless after being shot by Mortola, therefore there aren't many scenes where he can do something annoying.

And then, not one who came from the real world was dead. Not even Orpheus. And why didn't they return to real world in the end? Why? Ok bukankah dalam post lepas telah komplen kenapa Alice taknak tinggal di Wonderland. Sekarang telah komplen kenapa mereka taknak balik. Duh.

There is only one thing I like about the ending though. The fact that Meggie chose Doria in the end. I never really liked Farid. Especially when he kissed other girls besides Meggie. And no, Meggie, I don't think one heart can love two boys at the same time.

Now can I have Movers and Fakers pretty please?



Maaf kepada anda-anda, tapi kehidupan tidak bekerjaya memang sangat kosong. Maka tak berapa ada benda untuk dikongsikan dengan anda. Mungkin apabila telah bekerjaya beberapa bulan lagi akan ada apa-apa untuk dikongsikan. Sila doakan saya.

I think the rain affects me in a weird way. Saya jarang boleh tidur waktu hujan lebat. Renyai-renyai mungkin, tapi kalau ribut taufan petir guruh bagai akan menyebabkan saya duduk berselimut atas katil staring into nothing. Selalu juga hujan akan membawa simptom badan letih dan berangin. I mean it. I would often spend my time during raining to burp the air out. And last night with a sore throat, slight headache and a little fever -like a coat of fire burning under my skin -, I pushed myself to sleep. Woke up in the morning with only the sore throat, and it's even getting better as I am writing right now. Alhamdulillah.

Moshitta always wonders how I manage to sleep everything away. Headaches, problems, stresses, sadness, anger.... anything. I just go to sleep and wake up with a more cheerful mood.

Ok I have some errands to do including getting myself proper lunch and dinner.

See you in a bit.

Ok, maybe more than just one bit.




When a person stays at one country for 5 years, they became a native.
So did you.
You now think like a native, speak like a native, act like a native and look like a native.

The words kept ringing in my head as I sat at the corridor, waiting for my presentation interview. On normal days, I consider that as a huge compliment. But at that moment...

An HR girl from the waiting room was complaining about her aching feet to the HR guy who was waiting on me.

"다리가 아파서 조금 앉겠습니다. (My feet hurt so I am going to sit a bit)" She said to me as she took the seat next to me.

"앉으세요. (Please, seat)" I replied with an understanding smile. My Vincci heels were not half as comfortable either.

"제 personal interview가 망한 것 같애요. (I think my personal interview was ruined)" I told her. I think I was desperate to openly tell her that. I was in need of any form of encouragement.

"왜요? (Why?)" She asked kindly.

"면접관은 제가 한국사람이랑 다름 없다고 하셨어요. 그게 좋은 건가요 안 좋은 건가요? (The guy told me I am no different than a native. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?)"

"그게 좋은 거죠. (Of course that's a good thing)" She looked at me incredulously.

"저도 처음에 그렇게 생각했는데 더 생각해 보니까 외국인 사원을 찾는다면 한국인 같은 외국인을 왜 뽑을 거죠? (At first, I thought so too myself. But as I think again, if they are finding foreign workers why would they want to pick a native-like foreign worker.)"

"아.. (Ah)" She said, understanding my point. "그것도 맞는데 그래도 한국 사람이랑 잘 어울려야 일도 잘 될 수 있죠. (That's true, but still they need to find someone who can get along well with Korean so that the work can be done well, right?)

"근데 저는 제 장점이랑 단점도 얘기 안했는데. (But I didn't tell them my strength and weakness either.)" Another one of my worries. I know it's crucial to mention it during the self-introduction, but I kind of forgot.

This time I can see her face fell a bit. Obviously that was something I should not do.

"괜찮아요. (That's ok)" She finally said. "이번에 잘하면 돼요. (You just have to do well in this one)" She said, referring to my presentation.

I took a deep breath and think about every reason why I have to have this job. I smiled back at her.

"그래요. 이번엔 잘해야죠. (You're right. I should do well in this one.)"


As I walked out of the presentation room, I felt glad I did those countless, last-minute, scriptless review presentations for design subjects. And as I stepped out into the sun afterwards, I felt much lighter. Maybe I didn't do too bad after all.

An HR sure was trained to give people encouragement.


Wonder Me


Distraction came in the form of Inkspell and the hardcovered Inkdeath. Along with Burger Shop 2 :p Now I remembered why I never really finished Burger Shop. Because the level kept getting harder. Try passing each level with perfect rank. You'll know what I mean.

It's one o'clock. Shouldn't I be doing something better?

Oh yeah, don't ask how my interview went. I'm trying to NOT think about it right now. Thus the distraction.

See you in a bit.


Location : Rotiboy Idae

After how many years I finally return to Idae. I had two hours before mekdi arrives so I spent the time reading Elle Girl Korea February edition. I know it's very unlike me to read a magazine but what else can I do? somehow I stumbled upon a section where they publish people's unsent love letters. the first one caught my attention. well to be honest, I didnt read other letters at all because it turned out reading other people's love letter is not fun at all. anyway the first one said that the danger an aircraft is in during its take-off and landing is similar to the danger a heart is in during its take-off and landing. when your heart take-off at the start of a relationship you prepare yourself for a journey which you don't know how and where it will end. by the time your heart has landed back you may be at any point of your life. maybe when it lands you are at the point where you've become someone better. maybe you are at the point where you are worse then before. or maybe you have no moved at all from your starting point. all I can say is that make sure that in your relationship you actually move to somewhere better. else you will only be wasting your airfare.

shouldn't I be preparing for interview tomorrow? what's with the love-related post?
oh yeah, my chokyo from kigae shirheom is cheering for me. must try my best.

The Missing of Friendship


Ok it's official.
I miss Elisya Syirin.
Like really really really miss her.
I can't find her on facebook.
I can't find anything related to her when I googled her name.
Elisya can be very unreachable when she wants to.
I tried going through my old messages over at friendster, hoping to find at least an email.
But no, nothing.
I instead found myself significantly hurt reading through her messages.
Hurt that we were such good friend and I was so foolish to stop writing to her.
When it was the only thing that could keep our relationship.

I just hope she suddenly thinks of googling her own name and came upon this blog.
Is there anyone who actually have her email at least?

Ok before I got myself mourning, I'd better go to the optician right now.
There are lenses waiting to get inside my eyeballs.




I saw pictures on the internet about the earth hour campaign.
Some people were celebrating the campaign so they turned off their lights at the right time.
Instead they light on tons of candles.
I am an engineer, so it is only natural for me to wonder..
Which would produce more carbon dioxide in an hour?
One bulb or tons of candles?

Anyway, I got my first contact lenses last night.
And I still am unable to put it inside my eyes.
Pathetic much?