Sleepy Saturday

Time : Approximately 8.40 a.m KST
Location : Box of Wonder (that's my home, in case u don't know)
Mood : I was about to write grateful/satisfied/filled-with-happiness and that sort, but I got a phone call just now and it changed into grateful+jubilant.
Listening to : Juliet Shatkin's Ur Perfect

I was having a straight OT week but decided to have an early night yesterday. So I set up a dinner date with Mekdi because she said she wanted Tom Yam. After Tom Yam, crab curry and spring rolls, we went for choco cake and coffee at the usual place. It became our usual coffee spot because I am collecting the points for free coffee there :p. After successfully fixing the tv (my superior would be proud if he knew this. padahal restart modem sajer :p), we chose to watch Legends of Girls' School : Voice. That is one of the most famous horror movie series. I watched two of them before and now another one. I just need to watch another two now. And I wonder who would want to watch them with me. Eh lupa cakap. We watched it on VOD. It's one of the free movies on the list. One of the many reasons I love Box of Wonder.

Ok I admit I wasn't having a good week. What's with the almost similar nightmare 4 days in a row, leaving me with restless nights. But come to think about it, it is only fair for me to have a little bit of not-so-good things going on. After all, I'm going to get my second smartphone soon. PM me for my new official number k :)