Time: 0801 KST
Location : Box of Wonder
Mood : Calm
Listening to : sound-of-my-PC

Malam tadi telah dapat tahu di-tag oleh Eliz Azima, tapi 25 macam sangat banyak untuk difikir maka terus tidur dan berpendapat akan berfikir pagi ini. So here goes.

1. I'm not a fan of chocolate. I grew out of it. Saya makan choco wafer, choco cake, choco ice-cream, choco biscuits. But not chocolate. The huge pack of Kisses and the box of Baci has been sitting in my fridge for a few months XD

2. I don't eat all cheese. The cheese I dislike most is cream cheese. Followed by Mozarella.

3. Saya takut tidur waktu hujan. Noktah. Tak ada explanation sebab memang tak berapa tahu kenapa.

4. Lately macam selalu mendengar lagu Ayat-ayat Cinta. It reminds me of Zatul Iffah T.T

5. I love all kinds of potatoes. Including sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes on pizzas are the best.

6. My favorite soup is seaweed soup. Talk about Korean food-overload.

7. I have this ONE thing I hate about Mekdi, but I'm not telling in public :D

8. My favorite author is Lisi Harrison. I try to get all her books.

9. I still think buying clothes with brand is NOT something wise if you can have better choice in the street.

10. I love winter coats. And boots. Practically winter wear. Hey, I'm a winter baby.

11.  I love having my birthday in winter. It means I can have fresh strawberry on my cake.

12. The only berries I eat is strawberry. And the only strawberry I eat is STRAWBERRY. Bukan jem stoberi atau aiskrim stoberi atau air stoberi atau coklat stoberi dan sebagainya.

13. I finish my food better in Wonderland than in Dreamland. Padahal makan kat Dreamland macam sedap gila kot.

14. Oh I CANNOT DRIVE. Must be the only person in my family that can't T.T

15.  Ya, saya tak suka membazir waktu seperti Eliz. One of the things that annoyed me is guys who walk slow padahal dia bukan on a date.

16. I have a thing on something white padahal my favorite color is purple. Tapi just because your favorite color is purple takkan la semua benda nak pakai purple kan. Macam tu takkan la I would be living the past 13 years of my life in purple.

17. My official working time is 9 hours per day, but I usually do at least almost 12 hours almost everyday. I'm a workaholic.

18. Saya suka cold sandwiches.

19. I talk a lot about food but I don't look like someone who eat a lot. Try me.

20. Ya orang suka immitate my voice. Hahahaha.

21. I am not a high-schooler anymore, so I don't think I'm a loser just because I don't have friends to flank me 24/7. 

22. I love buying other people something. Which is apparently not a good trait when I am broke. But I do usually try all I can to get the right thing for a gift.

23. I'm late for work. But isn't 'late' is considered when I come past 1 p.m?

24. Oh I love Soshi. Or Girls' Generation as you call it XD

25. I still have a birthday wishlist to post later. Lol.

Ok get going get going.


Time : 0849KST
Location : In the subway
Mood : Sleepy but happy. Heh
Listening to : Backstreet Boys' Poster Girl

In the span of two weeks I bought 2 boots, one dress, one turtleneck, three coats and three books. Material girl alert :p

Anyway to those thinking whatever happened to my dinner outfit (considering I spent like hours finding it, here's a picture.

Ouch i forgot the whole upload a picture thingy does not work on this phone. Wait I HAVE TO change song. Now i'm listening to The Corrs' All the Love in the World. Um never mind, i'll upload one later. Anyway it was navy dress over skinny and calf-high boots and 3/4 coat. I think the coat was supposed to be half but you know me.

I guess this week's is one of the most tiring socializing saturday. Talk about being at four corners of seoul in one day. I hope no one would think i am an introvert and a social loser anymore. I was being sarcastic in case you don't get it. Anyway i first went over to the alma-mater SNU for an alumni gathering. Ate ah-lot. Met a lot of 65 leftovers. Too bad we didn't have meal together afterwards. If we did it would be another hwaeshik scene XD Next i went to COEX. The plan was go to seoul wearing a thin blazer as an excuse to buy myself a fabulous coat later. But turned out i bought THREE. I am officially broke for the month. Lucky they aren't Zara. Like i would have the money ti buy THREE Zara coats. If i do i'd rather buy an electric piano. Duh. Oh and i bought two books which i now realized i left over at Mekdi's. Lol. Never mind i'll just read Diet Queen today then. After some rounds of free-for-all of SC2, at which i won only one T.T, i went over to Yonsei University where Mekdi resides.

And now i'm heading back to Suwon for self-sunday. Talk tou you again prolly next sunday :D


Hati calar.
Sekian terima kasih.

My Box of Wonder


Time : 14.31 KST
Location : Box of Wonder
Mood : neutral
Listening to : SNSD's Hoot

I told you time flies in Wonderland. A month is composed of several short weeks. And another just passed. I have nothing scheduled this weekend except the annual dinner which up to now I had forgotten will be taking place tomorrow night. In Seoul. Apart of having not thinking of how to get back to Suwon after ten o'clock, I also have not think of what I will wear. My wardrobe currently holds zero traditional clothes. And I AM NOT going to show up in full suit. Maybe I will just skip the dinner all over.

Here are some things I love about Box of Wonder :

1. The PIN number-ed lock. It means I don't have to spend times searching for the key when I am already late. This happened a lot previously because I had the knack of throwing the key everywhere. Lol. And I don't have to worry about forgetting the keys. And people who came to visit can access my house easily without having to wait for me to get home.

2. The balcony for doing laundry. Having to carry the laundry from the bathroom out to the lines is such a chore, seriously. Having one place to do everything is beyond cool.

3. The yellow-tiled kitchen wall. It means it won't look especially dirty with grease all-over after cooking. And since it's tile,  it's easier to clean.

4.  The sunlight streaming in straight to my bed. It maybe uncomfortable if you like sleeping late, but highly convenient if you love reading in bed on weekend mornings.

5. The shoe rack. Yes I have a shoe rack. My shoes are not all-over the place :D

Practically anything about it really. It's not really a huge house or anything. Just a one-room. But it's perfect for living a single life. And it currently is one of the thing I love most of my life.



Time : 7.50 p.m
Location : I don't even bother saying
Mood : Sikit annoyed at the dust yang keep interfering in my lenses' case.
Listening to : Smile Boy by Lee Seunggi and Kim Yeona

Ok dah lama tak balik awal. Balik sebab I have 2 hwaeshiks this week. See I use korean word with english grammar :D  Macam tak ada kena mengena kan hwaeshik dengan balik awal. Well, ada. Sebab bila hwaeshik akan balik lambat habis (I'm trying not to use the word gila, in case you don't notice) maka balik awal sementara boleh balik awal :p

What to say? Macam tak berapa ada. I kept coming late this week. For two days I forgot my employee card and today I purposely went late. Eh sekali teringat hari ni masuk lambat. So supposedly balik lambat. Tapi tak ingat enough 9 hours tak :D

Ok I'm having writer's block. I get back to you when I know what to say.

Another Sunday for Myself


Time : 11.35 a.m
Location : As  usual
Mood : Lazy kind of happy
Listening to : Lovable by Kim Jong Gook

Last night was a total blast. Ok I did not finish four hours at work because I had a problem with the network, but I did finish preparing the food before the guests arrived. Ok that was a lie. Kye Howe came on time and I was still struggling with everything. Dira and Diyana came a bit later. Us with Mosh had our share of the meal while watching Paranormal Activity 1. And the best part must be when the Mosh's cell rang all so suddenly during the suspense scene. All of us jumped and broke into a laugh. Mun sure knows the right time to call. The rest arrived a bit later.  I cooked the second round of the meal. Oh well, reminded me of the time when I had to cook another serving for the guests during my last open house. Vincent commented then that the food was like a buffet. It kept coming and I kept cooking another serving and another and another. Lol. Eh rindu Zatul.

Kan dah kata tak boleh berlagak. Tengok salad bowl cantik dah retak semalam. Maybe the chicken was too hot when I put it in T.T

I woke up at past nine today and lazed in bed with The Lost Symbol until 11.30 a.m.  Oh the way I got lost in a book once I started. Now it's time to do the weekly cleaning. I see you when I'm finished ok. And I think I'll cook chicken porridge for myself. For a treat on my self-sunday :)

One thing, I MAY not be able to make it for the next Malaysia vacation. I would have to do several reconfirmations. Oh the amount of appointments I've scheduled and the list of people I made to meet.

Weekend Lagi


I'm currently at Dunkin Donut Itaewon waiting for the foreign mart to be open. I hope it would at least open at 10. I so can afford to leave Itaewon any later than that. You see, i have to be in the office by 11.30 because I'm a freak and an introvert with no friends to enjoy the weekend with. Haha. Kidding :p Apparently sarcasm runs deep in our family. But nah, I'm not mad. Throw an insult my way an the most I make out of it is a joke. Ok, truth is I have to be in the office by 11.30 because my friends are coming for house-warming at 6 and I have to be at the office a minimum of four hours. So you do the maths.

Actually I don't really HAVE to be there. Just that when I respect someone, I hate to disappoint them. And I do respect my SE so mucb that when he asked if I would come today, I just decided I will. Besides it's not like I hate my job that I can't bear to be in the office on weekends. Quite the contrary, I'm actually looking forward to it. There are several other examples of me trying not ti disappoint the people I respect. Take yesterday when the SE offered me kimchi. Oh yes I ATE IT. And what about when my Korean Language teacher said he hoped I would take the zither class. I did not miss any of it till the end of the course. I can be very determined to please others when I want.

Will blog more about another matter soon. Typing on touch pad is tiring.

And eh, I go dizzy if I try to browse my phone on the bus. So I cannot do anything else except sleep. Freak much?



Time : 10.14 p.m KST
Location : Box of Wonder (where else?)
Mood : Macam sikit tingtong. Sebab lapa kot?
Listening to : Diana Page's Ride

Lapa habis. Padahal makan nasik semangkuk time lunch.  Ok admittedly dinner cuma makan egg tart. Maka tengah goreng sosej.

My eyes kept getting dry today. Many times rasa macam nak bukak je lens tersebut, tapi tak boleh mengalah. So I tried hard to shed tears to wet it. I concentrated on thinking about the saddest thing that ever happened to me, but still I could not cry. It's whether my life is wonderful enough or the thing I thought the saddest isn't exactly the saddest at all. So since I could not cry, I had to make do with blinking my way to past 8 p.m.

Oh dah lupa nak cakap apa :D

Anyway, I guess I am a freak in a way. Today I think about the one word to describe me, and the only word I can think of is 'freak'. Sebab, really, macam there is no more suitable word kot. But being a freak doesn't necessarily make me less than normal people. It just makes me different. So, um yeah, I am a freak.

Wah dah lambat. Cepat makan lalu pegi tidur :p

Early Tuesday


Time : Approximately 8.46 p.m KST
Location : Box of Wonder
Mood :  Pretty good
Listening to : 2NE1's Go Away

Ok, I'm back to trying lenses. Because my left eyes has been twitching since 3 weeks ago and I can't find a single glasses that I like, so I'm back with trying lenses. And I just succeeded wearing it like a few minutes ago, so yeah, I'm a bit jakun right now :p But I was really thinking on having Lasik. It is on my birthday wishlist along with iMac, electric piano and iPad. Um no, no one would be paying for any of those for me. I am buying one of those myself.

I was thinking once I got an iPhone I would be able to do chat during work, but I barely looked at it today. Once I got into drawing, it's hard to get me to pay attention to anything else. And as of today, both the cameras were sealed. I can just unseal it if I want, but I don't want to have to go out early in the morning just to have it re-seal back. I know I said I'll go back at 8.30p.m but I left early because if I was to go home at past 8 with the amount of clothes I wore to the office this morning, I would freeze.  

I can't wait to get into bed because cold makes me sleepy, but I also want some supper. 

See you when I see you.