The End


Time : 2027 KST
Location : Backseat of my SE's car
Mood : a mixture of many things
Listening to : sound of heater

The day before the end of 2010.

I hereby announce that i won't be blogging anymore.
Funny that as i thought about it, turned out Lisi Harrison thinks along the same line as mine. Only that our reasons are different. She thought of stopping because no one seems to read anymore. So she'll continue after all if people tell her that they do read. Mine is quite far from that.

I never really know who are my readers. Apart from a few close companions that at certain points commented on it, i never knew the existence of others. And i stopped tracking the traffic since ages ago. About some years ago to be specific. And while i appreciate each and every one of you, i have to say that i find it hard to blog anymore. I won't say it's because i'm busy. Because it's not the reason why i would want to stop. It's just that for sometimes it has been hard to find a subject to talk about. So i don't want to bore any of you to death with some stories as lame as "pergi kedai beli gula-gula" as Chika would have put it.

I admit that everyday i mentally write something in my head about how my days goes, what i think about when i look at something, my opinions about general stuffs etc. But the moment i put it on the blog something feels just not right. And i delete everything all over again. I was thinking that maybe i still do want to write and i do love writing. Only i figured that i want to write it in a diary instead. I certainly has had my little share of spotlight and i guess it is time to withdraw. While some of you might think that turning socially reserved may be unhealthy for me, i assure you that i guess a little more quiet time with myself is what i need currently. And hey siapa kata i won't be socializing anymore. I just said i won't be blogging. You'll still see me around doing what i do when i'm around.

With this i thank each and everyone of you and i apologize for rarely acknowledging you and not getting to know you. I apologize too for any mistakes and inconveniences, with or without intention, that i caused to any of you. You can always add me on my facebook. Just please send a message and introduce yourself, for i don't approve people whom i don't know, even when they go to the same school as me.

Thank you again and i wish you all the best in your future.

With love. And lots of them.

Another Year


Its 2227 KST and i'm at Box of Wonder, listening to I Don't Care by 2NE1. I just got back from work and is ready for bed.

Tapi tiba-tiba jumpa idea untuk blogging. Kan dah kata akhir2 ni macam sangat cerewet pilih tajuk blog. Maka bila jumpa harus cepat2 tulis. Well, talk about the end of 2010. Buat pengetahuan anda resolusi untuk memiliki 32 pasang kasut tal berjaya dicapai. Majorly because i was unemployed for half of the year. Sebab lain ialah bila sudah bekerjaya memang tak ada memakai kasut lain selain sneakers. Dan tak mungkin membeli 20 pasang sneakers lah bukan?

Thing i like most about 2010 : Returning to Wonderland. I can never be more thankful for that. The anxieties, the tears, the sleepless nights. I learned the importance of being surrounded by Little Wonders. Terbang memang seronok. Tapi hidup kena berpijak atas bumi. And i am grateful for having the Little Wonders to be with me through everything and reminding me what is real.

Thing i dislike about 2010 : All the stupid ones, really. I kinda made lot of those. The things i regret and pray to not repeat in future. Things i wish i would have better judgment at when i am another year older.

All in all it has been a year of everything i guess.

Ya Allah, lancarkanlah segala urusanku di masa hadapan.

Assalamualaikum :)


I kind of having troubles thinking what to blog lately. I guess i turned picky at choosing which stories about me i would choose to tell. Anyway regarding the choice of times square for present-shopping, although i didn't have to worry about freezing muself while findinf the perfect birthday presents, i have to say that the place is too big and holds too many nice shops. Not to mention the sea of people flooding it considering it was a public holiday. Ya public holiday pada hari sabtu. And kitorang tak ada main cuti ganti. At the end i found everything i needed, met the becoming birthday girl, handed the present before we were off on our separate ways.

I wrote several words to form a sentence before deleting them off. I told you i became picky at choosing my subjects and i don't know whether or not it's a good thing. Now i don't even know what do i tell you. Guess i better get some sleep. Going to work tomorrow. Gudnight.


0852KST and i'm still in bed. Just had a weird dream that left me feeling weird all over. Ha!

Anyway i'm allowing myself to Times Square (horaaaayyyyy!) for birthday present shopping. I was thinking of going shopping indoors because it's -16 degrees outside, so.... Macam sikit jakun padahal orang mesti berasa "eleh, pegi times square je pn". Er saya ialah orang kampung suwon yang baru pernah pegi times square sekali saja. Memang harus jakun :p

Um tak tau nak cakap apa lagi. Why is everything that goes around in my head is work-related? And i kind of promised myself not to blog about work.

See you later with a bunch of shopping bags XD


Time : 1929 KST
Location :
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Cerita Satu
I arrived at work on Thursday with a bunch of stuff on my desk which i know immediately was put there by my SE and was to be brought to the line. And along with it was a pair of thick, warm-looking gloves. So my hands won't get cold when carrying it. Tell me how can i not be a brat when i'm used to this kind of treatment? :p

Cerita Dua

Me : What do i wear to a wedding?
Y : The white hijjab you wore the other day when you went out wih your friends.

You won't be finding the above conversation funny if you don't know me well. Just in case you don't know, let me explain. I rarely wear tudung other than black. And i only wear black to work all this while. So when last saturday i decided to wear cream-colored because i have a dinner date later on, everybody piled me up with questions and comments on how i automatically look different. Oh yah the tudung is cream-colored but my senior said it's white because guys generally don't describe colors well. My colleague, who is a guy, said my old glasses was pink when it was PURPLE. Oh anyway, it's good being me. Stick to predictable routine everyday and one day when i do minor changes, all jaws drop :D

Ok this thing is written at seven but i went out for movie so i just continued it. Went to watch Harry Potter. And while semua orang puji yhe story, i can't help wondering is it me or is the story a lot different from the book itself. The effect was cool and all but i still prefer the book, thank you. And if i were to choose which of the movies i thought is the best, i'd say the first one.

I wanted to write more but am already sleepy. So let's just see you later :)


Time : 1954 KST
Location : Alaska
Mood : =)
Listening to : my colleagues chatting

Ok i was happy they brought me ice cream but it's yogurt ice cream, now i feel like throwing up :p. Anyway i'm having dinner with my colleagues of my intake. We are celebrating the success of two weeks ago. Um.. Don't ask anymore.

Favorite quote of today : "Hello Kitty is dominating the world."
Guess who said those words. Anyway, no one you would know. Heh :p.

I never really blog about my job kan? Mekdi once asked if i could blog about my day at work, the routine i go through. I really did try writing one, but i guess it's too personal. Something i don't think of sharing with the world. Something that i want to share only with those closest to me.

Anyway i'm sleepy. But i'm forcing myself to do some reading before i sleep everyday. Else i don't know when will i finish reading all the books i bought like a month ago.

Talk to you again soon :)

Different Me


In the subway shuttling towards Sadang to catch the early bus to Suwon. It's nearly 7.30 in the morning and i'm listening to Juliet Shatkin's Ur Perfect. There are three things you should know about me.

1. I'm a mid-winter baby. I can be extremely cold towards strangers.
2. I'm not really a charming person. And when i don't like something, you'll see it written like a billboard across my face.
3. I'm a spoilt brat. Hard not to be one when you are in my place really.

Anyway, like a few weeks ago i woke up to a facebook photo comment by my eldest sister suspecting me doing a plastic surgery because i somehow look different. Duh. She's not the only one who noticed the difference, i should say. But uhm no, i didn't do a plastic surgery. Gila kah? The only explanation i can give is that maybe, just maybe, the hard work makes me look more alive. I must admit that, just like today, i like my reflection in the mirror most when i just woke up in the morning after a hectic previous day. I know the rule is that after a few hardships you'd look tired and a lot unlike human anymore, but in my case i do look more alert and alive. Oh well, after all, i am a freak.

Now i'm heading home early for i have to be in the office today. Am a bit sleepy but i told people first hand that i would be a little late today.

See you again when i see you :)

25 in 30


Ok lama x bertemu. Sebab satu : PC dah mati. Sebab dua : tak berapa ada masa. Memang tak ada masa. Betul. Tak ada tipu.

Cukup mukadimah.

I wrote a paragraph about work and deleted it. Just because blogging about how busy my work is is kinda lame.

Eh i'm turning 25 soon :D. And since i frozen my major spending, my wishlist increased substantially. Here are some of the things you can get me. That is if you want to get me something for my birthday.

1. Tali kasut converse. Because clever me threw away the laces of my jeans converse without buying a new one.
2. Piano textbook. Intermediate please. I don't have the tine to go to class anymore, fyi. So i should at least practice at home. But eh doesn't that mean i have to buy a piano? XD
3. Ugg boots. In deep red or royal purple if possible. Hah pandai demand.
4. Is it possible to get me my own LCM line's labcoat and shoes and cap?
5. Well if 4 is not possible, then the automatic bosch screwdriver please. Or maybe that would be too expensive. Ok my own sets of screwdrivers then.
6. Bluetooth headset. Sape belikan bumper siap ah.
7. This one is for Mekdi to buy - lint-free towel. For drying my hands when i have to clean my lens XD
8. Belle of the Brawl by Lisi Harrison. Seriously, me, how long have that book been on sale?
9. My own copy of starcraft 2 pretty please.

Well i guess that's about it.

Sleepy =.=~

Dear my 24-years-old self,
그 동안 고생 많이 했고 바보 같은 짓들도 많이 했다, 너. 그래도 잘 버텼고 이겨낸 거 정말 다행이다. 이 남은 30일 동안 난리 없고 문제 없이 자아~~~~~알 보내면 좋겠다 :)

Selamat malam :)