I kind of having troubles thinking what to blog lately. I guess i turned picky at choosing which stories about me i would choose to tell. Anyway regarding the choice of times square for present-shopping, although i didn't have to worry about freezing muself while findinf the perfect birthday presents, i have to say that the place is too big and holds too many nice shops. Not to mention the sea of people flooding it considering it was a public holiday. Ya public holiday pada hari sabtu. And kitorang tak ada main cuti ganti. At the end i found everything i needed, met the becoming birthday girl, handed the present before we were off on our separate ways.

I wrote several words to form a sentence before deleting them off. I told you i became picky at choosing my subjects and i don't know whether or not it's a good thing. Now i don't even know what do i tell you. Guess i better get some sleep. Going to work tomorrow. Gudnight.