25 in 30


Ok lama x bertemu. Sebab satu : PC dah mati. Sebab dua : tak berapa ada masa. Memang tak ada masa. Betul. Tak ada tipu.

Cukup mukadimah.

I wrote a paragraph about work and deleted it. Just because blogging about how busy my work is is kinda lame.

Eh i'm turning 25 soon :D. And since i frozen my major spending, my wishlist increased substantially. Here are some of the things you can get me. That is if you want to get me something for my birthday.

1. Tali kasut converse. Because clever me threw away the laces of my jeans converse without buying a new one.
2. Piano textbook. Intermediate please. I don't have the tine to go to class anymore, fyi. So i should at least practice at home. But eh doesn't that mean i have to buy a piano? XD
3. Ugg boots. In deep red or royal purple if possible. Hah pandai demand.
4. Is it possible to get me my own LCM line's labcoat and shoes and cap?
5. Well if 4 is not possible, then the automatic bosch screwdriver please. Or maybe that would be too expensive. Ok my own sets of screwdrivers then.
6. Bluetooth headset. Sape belikan bumper siap ah.
7. This one is for Mekdi to buy - lint-free towel. For drying my hands when i have to clean my lens XD
8. Belle of the Brawl by Lisi Harrison. Seriously, me, how long have that book been on sale?
9. My own copy of starcraft 2 pretty please.

Well i guess that's about it.

Sleepy =.=~

Dear my 24-years-old self,
그 동안 고생 많이 했고 바보 같은 짓들도 많이 했다, 너. 그래도 잘 버텼고 이겨낸 거 정말 다행이다. 이 남은 30일 동안 난리 없고 문제 없이 자아~~~~~알 보내면 좋겠다 :)

Selamat malam :)