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Cerita Satu
I arrived at work on Thursday with a bunch of stuff on my desk which i know immediately was put there by my SE and was to be brought to the line. And along with it was a pair of thick, warm-looking gloves. So my hands won't get cold when carrying it. Tell me how can i not be a brat when i'm used to this kind of treatment? :p

Cerita Dua

Me : What do i wear to a wedding?
Y : The white hijjab you wore the other day when you went out wih your friends.

You won't be finding the above conversation funny if you don't know me well. Just in case you don't know, let me explain. I rarely wear tudung other than black. And i only wear black to work all this while. So when last saturday i decided to wear cream-colored because i have a dinner date later on, everybody piled me up with questions and comments on how i automatically look different. Oh yah the tudung is cream-colored but my senior said it's white because guys generally don't describe colors well. My colleague, who is a guy, said my old glasses was pink when it was PURPLE. Oh anyway, it's good being me. Stick to predictable routine everyday and one day when i do minor changes, all jaws drop :D

Ok this thing is written at seven but i went out for movie so i just continued it. Went to watch Harry Potter. And while semua orang puji yhe story, i can't help wondering is it me or is the story a lot different from the book itself. The effect was cool and all but i still prefer the book, thank you. And if i were to choose which of the movies i thought is the best, i'd say the first one.

I wanted to write more but am already sleepy. So let's just see you later :)