Time : 1954 KST
Location : Alaska
Mood : =)
Listening to : my colleagues chatting

Ok i was happy they brought me ice cream but it's yogurt ice cream, now i feel like throwing up :p. Anyway i'm having dinner with my colleagues of my intake. We are celebrating the success of two weeks ago. Um.. Don't ask anymore.

Favorite quote of today : "Hello Kitty is dominating the world."
Guess who said those words. Anyway, no one you would know. Heh :p.

I never really blog about my job kan? Mekdi once asked if i could blog about my day at work, the routine i go through. I really did try writing one, but i guess it's too personal. Something i don't think of sharing with the world. Something that i want to share only with those closest to me.

Anyway i'm sleepy. But i'm forcing myself to do some reading before i sleep everyday. Else i don't know when will i finish reading all the books i bought like a month ago.

Talk to you again soon :)