Different Me


In the subway shuttling towards Sadang to catch the early bus to Suwon. It's nearly 7.30 in the morning and i'm listening to Juliet Shatkin's Ur Perfect. There are three things you should know about me.

1. I'm a mid-winter baby. I can be extremely cold towards strangers.
2. I'm not really a charming person. And when i don't like something, you'll see it written like a billboard across my face.
3. I'm a spoilt brat. Hard not to be one when you are in my place really.

Anyway, like a few weeks ago i woke up to a facebook photo comment by my eldest sister suspecting me doing a plastic surgery because i somehow look different. Duh. She's not the only one who noticed the difference, i should say. But uhm no, i didn't do a plastic surgery. Gila kah? The only explanation i can give is that maybe, just maybe, the hard work makes me look more alive. I must admit that, just like today, i like my reflection in the mirror most when i just woke up in the morning after a hectic previous day. I know the rule is that after a few hardships you'd look tired and a lot unlike human anymore, but in my case i do look more alert and alive. Oh well, after all, i am a freak.

Now i'm heading home early for i have to be in the office today. Am a bit sleepy but i told people first hand that i would be a little late today.

See you again when i see you :)