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Malam tadi telah dapat tahu di-tag oleh Eliz Azima, tapi 25 macam sangat banyak untuk difikir maka terus tidur dan berpendapat akan berfikir pagi ini. So here goes.

1. I'm not a fan of chocolate. I grew out of it. Saya makan choco wafer, choco cake, choco ice-cream, choco biscuits. But not chocolate. The huge pack of Kisses and the box of Baci has been sitting in my fridge for a few months XD

2. I don't eat all cheese. The cheese I dislike most is cream cheese. Followed by Mozarella.

3. Saya takut tidur waktu hujan. Noktah. Tak ada explanation sebab memang tak berapa tahu kenapa.

4. Lately macam selalu mendengar lagu Ayat-ayat Cinta. It reminds me of Zatul Iffah T.T

5. I love all kinds of potatoes. Including sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes on pizzas are the best.

6. My favorite soup is seaweed soup. Talk about Korean food-overload.

7. I have this ONE thing I hate about Mekdi, but I'm not telling in public :D

8. My favorite author is Lisi Harrison. I try to get all her books.

9. I still think buying clothes with brand is NOT something wise if you can have better choice in the street.

10. I love winter coats. And boots. Practically winter wear. Hey, I'm a winter baby.

11.  I love having my birthday in winter. It means I can have fresh strawberry on my cake.

12. The only berries I eat is strawberry. And the only strawberry I eat is STRAWBERRY. Bukan jem stoberi atau aiskrim stoberi atau air stoberi atau coklat stoberi dan sebagainya.

13. I finish my food better in Wonderland than in Dreamland. Padahal makan kat Dreamland macam sedap gila kot.

14. Oh I CANNOT DRIVE. Must be the only person in my family that can't T.T

15.  Ya, saya tak suka membazir waktu seperti Eliz. One of the things that annoyed me is guys who walk slow padahal dia bukan on a date.

16. I have a thing on something white padahal my favorite color is purple. Tapi just because your favorite color is purple takkan la semua benda nak pakai purple kan. Macam tu takkan la I would be living the past 13 years of my life in purple.

17. My official working time is 9 hours per day, but I usually do at least almost 12 hours almost everyday. I'm a workaholic.

18. Saya suka cold sandwiches.

19. I talk a lot about food but I don't look like someone who eat a lot. Try me.

20. Ya orang suka immitate my voice. Hahahaha.

21. I am not a high-schooler anymore, so I don't think I'm a loser just because I don't have friends to flank me 24/7. 

22. I love buying other people something. Which is apparently not a good trait when I am broke. But I do usually try all I can to get the right thing for a gift.

23. I'm late for work. But isn't 'late' is considered when I come past 1 p.m?

24. Oh I love Soshi. Or Girls' Generation as you call it XD

25. I still have a birthday wishlist to post later. Lol.

Ok get going get going.


mardhiahsabri said...

OMG!!!! spit it outtt

elyse said...


mekasih :)