The End


Time : 2027 KST
Location : Backseat of my SE's car
Mood : a mixture of many things
Listening to : sound of heater

The day before the end of 2010.

I hereby announce that i won't be blogging anymore.
Funny that as i thought about it, turned out Lisi Harrison thinks along the same line as mine. Only that our reasons are different. She thought of stopping because no one seems to read anymore. So she'll continue after all if people tell her that they do read. Mine is quite far from that.

I never really know who are my readers. Apart from a few close companions that at certain points commented on it, i never knew the existence of others. And i stopped tracking the traffic since ages ago. About some years ago to be specific. And while i appreciate each and every one of you, i have to say that i find it hard to blog anymore. I won't say it's because i'm busy. Because it's not the reason why i would want to stop. It's just that for sometimes it has been hard to find a subject to talk about. So i don't want to bore any of you to death with some stories as lame as "pergi kedai beli gula-gula" as Chika would have put it.

I admit that everyday i mentally write something in my head about how my days goes, what i think about when i look at something, my opinions about general stuffs etc. But the moment i put it on the blog something feels just not right. And i delete everything all over again. I was thinking that maybe i still do want to write and i do love writing. Only i figured that i want to write it in a diary instead. I certainly has had my little share of spotlight and i guess it is time to withdraw. While some of you might think that turning socially reserved may be unhealthy for me, i assure you that i guess a little more quiet time with myself is what i need currently. And hey siapa kata i won't be socializing anymore. I just said i won't be blogging. You'll still see me around doing what i do when i'm around.

With this i thank each and everyone of you and i apologize for rarely acknowledging you and not getting to know you. I apologize too for any mistakes and inconveniences, with or without intention, that i caused to any of you. You can always add me on my facebook. Just please send a message and introduce yourself, for i don't approve people whom i don't know, even when they go to the same school as me.

Thank you again and i wish you all the best in your future.

With love. And lots of them.


izi said...

kenapa nak stop blog? hahaha
as for me, i dont blog for the sake of blogging
but i blog when i feel like writing

PRiNCE said...

tak dapat dah la nak dengar farini mengarut2... :p